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I’m sure I’ve seen you someplace before

Veronica Mars returned last night to great fanfare, at least within my head (dun-nah-nah-NAH!). I enjoyed the episode, but I feel like I was tricked into enjoying it by all the creative casting. There were a whole host of kids we’ve seen in minor parts of other episodes (Carmen, Corny, etc), and there were some “special guest stars.”

Veronica Mars is no stranger to stunt casting. This is a show that featured, in its second episode, arguably the most stunt-y person of all time: Paris Hilton. Way to soil my favorite show by association, Hilton. Since then, the show has featured Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Steve Gutenberg, several former Buffy castmembers, and some competitor in America’s Next Top Model. But yesterday, all those choices were eclipsed by one Kristen Cavalleri, formerly of Laguna Beach, California.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not Laguna Beach was staged, wonder no more, because Kristen is possibly one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen — there’s no way she could have convincingly acted her way through LB. In Veronica Mars, she played a devious but good-hearted lesbian. I would try to tell you what she did in the episode, but I’m not entirely sure myself. There was some blackmail? Because she wanted to come out of the closet? And get out of Neptune? Maybe? I’m just not sure this episode made any sense, dramatically or for the characters. Will have to subject myself to KC again and watch it once more to be clear.

The other special guest star wasn’t so much “special” or a “star,” but I took great joy in recognizing him anyway: Lucas Grabeel. Who’s Lucas Grabeel? TiFauxers, you know him better as Ryan Evans, brother to Sharpay Evans, half of the fabulous and ineptly evil musical theatre duo in the unforgettable Disney Channel Original movie High School Musical. “Our rehearsal pianist did an arrangement,” he said with a sniff.

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