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This Weekend on the TiFaux: Planet Earth Rules

There’s more of DiscoveryHD and regular Discovery’s Planet Earth on Sunday, which is as spectacular as Sigourney Weaver’s self-satisfied narration claims it is.

Another Saturday, another new Robin Hood — officially the silliest, fluffiest, scowliest, cheesiest program about a bunch of dudes who live in a forest stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, ever.

Saturday Night Live’s a repeat of the Rainn Wilson episode, which was not that great, except for The Office parody in the monologue which was dead-on. If it were possible to set your TiFaux to record the first ten minutes of something, that would be the thing to tape.

tudors.jpgOn Sunday Showtime premieres The Tudors, of the ubiquitous ads. I wonder if the script will hold up to Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ superhuman smoldering.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming: DiscoveryHealth has a show called Baby Madness, which I suspect is actually some sort of fertility propaganda piece, designed to make women leap on the next man and demand offspring to satiate their sudden need for a cute widdle snuggly-umpkins. If nine months from now somebody announces they’re building a baby army, you’ll know I was right.

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Things I’ve Learned from TiFaux Madness

Today, Friday the 30th of March, is the last day to vote in the men’s first round and the women’s second round. The winners will be posted this Sunday, so check back to vote for your favorites again. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the tournament:

Tuesday, April 3 at midnight: Voting in the men’s second round ends.
Friday, April 6 at midnight: Voting in the men’s and women’s third round ends.
Tuesday, April 10 at midnight: Voting for the fourth round ends.
Friday, April 13 at midnight: Voting for the fifth round ends.
Friday, April 20 at midnight: Voting for the final round ends!

Our men and women winners will be celebrated on Monday April 23rd.

After the jump, a few of the interesting things I’ve learned so far from this tournament.

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The More You Know: Eastern Europe edition

Latvia in the house!

March 30th, 2007

Tonight on the TiFaux: Toby, Toby, Toby


The Office is airing a bunch of great repeat episodes tonight (Michael chooses a health plan, Michael injures his foot, etc), with introductions from the always-awesome Toby the HR guy.

There’s also a new Andy Barker, PI. This show’s second episode was even better than the first; the combination of Andy’s sweetly nerdy detecting and some outrageous but not “wacky” plot twists kept things entertaining. Catch it while you still can.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming: In honor of the tournament (which I’m still upset about; something’s not right in the world when Dempsey is beating Clooney, and no one can convince me otherwise), I bring you Celebrity Eye Candy, some sort of something on VH1. In a similar vein, check out Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Pictures of Assholes. 

March 29th, 2007

“We all know what happens to guest stars.”

I walked into the house at 10:30 last night and my roommate was watching Lost. I glanced to the television and saw a body lying on the beach.

“That’s not who I think it is — is it?”

She replied, “It’s two of who you think it is.”

250px-nikkilost.PNGSo, when I began to watch the show from the beginning, I folded my arms — as if I were challenging the producers to make me mourn Nikki and Paolo.

But no one was more surprised than me that I found last night’s episode actually very refreshing and one of the most enjoyable and satisfying of the season so far.

I’d like to hear what the Lost powers-that-be had in mind when they introduced these characters at the beginning of the season. Did they plan on having them just sort of pop in and out, appearing to be useless until they had their one big, showy episode? If so, well played. I’d have liked Nikki and Paolo to have been a bit more conspicuous, but still it was neat to see them digitally inserted into the pilot, mingling with Boone and Shannon, flirting with Arst, only to find out they were up to no good all along.

Their few, seemingly unremarkable, moments were given added significance once you got all the backstory. While we were sitting around, watching Jack and Kate and Sawyer run around, giving each other sexy/angry looks, they had their own world going on the whole time. It was a fun look back at season one (remember how different things were back then?).

Of course, there wasn’t much progress on any of the storylines (aside from Charlie’s confession and Sun — awesomely — giving Sawyer a knuckle sandwich), but I didn’t really mind. I actually liked taking a breather. At the end of the episode, I was digesting everything that was happening — I wasn’t full of the shrugging unfulfillment that I usually am.

What did everybody else think?

Also: next on Lost — girl fight! Woohoo!

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The More You Know: Holstein edition


March 29th, 2007

Tonight on the TiFaux: Things Are Not Going As Planned

How on earth can Kristin Bell be losing to Stacy London? Why does no one share my love for Timothy Olyphant? And once again, forever, for eternity, let me put it in language you Grey’s lovers will understand: Dempsey over Clooney? Seriously?

Nikki: Paolo! Paolo: Nikki! Nikki: Oh, Paolo! Paolo: Oh, Nikki!

Tonight on Lost, someone dies. What do you want to bet it’s UselessOne or UselessTwo, Nikki or Paolo? In other words, someone we don’t care about at all, and who was introduced merely to die. Nonetheless, I like the shot in the preview where Sun decks Sawyer. I bet he doesn’t deserve it, though. Poor Sawyer.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming: Ever wondered why your parents are, like, soooooo important? Watch PBS’s Boomer Century: 1946-2046.

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The Funk: The Noisettes

Same country, similar name, wildly different band. I told you about The Pipettes before. Now, here’s a scrappy little threesome called The Noisettes with their single “Don’t Give Up.”

Confession time: I have to admit there may be an ounce of lady-lovin’ in my hardened, gay, Gyllenhaal-obsessed heart. There’s nothing that will grab my attention like a dynamic, wildly talented female rock star. And The Noisettes’ Shingai Shoniwa sure as hell fits that bill. She’s got this Ella Fitzgerald-meets-Courtney Love vibe going that I find hypnotic (check out her scream right after the guitar solo).

The band’s debut, “What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?”, comes out April 17 in the U.S.

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The More You Know: Denise edition

I’m obsessed with this one: “kiefer where are you sexy man need ur pants i want suck ur eye balls out…………… LOL………”

March 28th, 2007

Tonight on the TiFaux: 7 Minutes in Heaven

Oh, Fox. What will you think of next?

You’re got quite a network there, House

Tonight, in a bid to cling on to viewers who might want to switch over to Dancing with the Stars, Fox is extending American Idol 7 minutes into the 9:00 hour. Although I do think that House — now running 9:07 to 10:07 — is better than DwtS, this seems like such a strong-armed, sleazy method of making people realize that. And I didn’t think it was actually possible for American Idol to get sleazier.

Vote for Olyphant in the tournament!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming: Speaking of sleazy, there’s a new contender on the block — Great American Dream Vote. I think it’s trying to be patriotic and stirring, but it sounds to me like a college psych experiment gone horribly wrong. The idea that a mob of people can arbitrarily decide whose dreams can come true and whose aren’t worth it sounds like cruelty to the participants, and it gives the mob a hugely inflated sense of their ability to affect change in the world (i.e., if we vote, we will make a deserving person happy! But only one; the other one can suck it).

March 27th, 2007

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