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The Battlestar airlock: Sucks to be you

No one likes to get sucked out of the airlock. It’s not a very nice way to go.


So far, the people we’ve seen meet their demise that way include at least one cylon body, a few people deemed traitors by the New Caprica vigilante jury and, most recently, our beloved Cally.

I’ve always thought that when you get sucked into the vacuum of space that you just blew up immediately. Your body has air in it, so I thought that there would be a big bloody explosion. This can probably be traced back to my sophomore year in high school when we read The Cold Equations — which is a pretty wrenching story about an ill-fated space stowaway. My teacher, a mustachioed veteran who was more excited about snow days than a teacher should really tell his students, told us that’s what happened to you in space and I think that violent image has stuck with me.

I’ve asked the oracle of the Internet and found some answers.

Says one article:

When the human body is suddenly exposed to the vacuum of space, a number of injuries begin to occur immediately. Though they are relatively minor at first, they accumulate rapidly into a life-threatening combination. The first effect is the expansion of gases within the lungs and digestive tract due to the reduction of external pressure. A victim of explosive decompression greatly increases their chances of survival simply by exhaling within the first few seconds, otherwise death is likely to occur once the lungs rupture and spill bubbles of air into the circulatory system. Such a life-saving exhalation might be due to a shout of surprise, though it would naturally go unheard where there is no air to carry it.

A writer for Slate tackles the issue in the context of the Danny Boyle movie Sunshine (which was great for the first two-thirds until it decided to become 2001: A Nightmare on Elm Street). He mentions that the body undergoes ebullism when exposed to the vacuum of space, which means that the reduced pressure makes your bodily fluids’ boiling point reduce.

Slate writes:

An astronaut who fell unconscious from lack of oxygen would last for a few minutes more before dying from asphyxiation or the effects of the pressure reduction. Ebullism would result in the formation of bubbles in the moisture found in the eyes, mouth, and skin tissue. One NASA test subject who survived a 1965 accident in which he was exposed to near-vacuum conditions felt the saliva on his tongue begin to boil before he lost consciousness after 14 seconds.

Both articles seem to indicate that you’d probably live for at least ten to fifteen seconds without a space suit, which is a hell of a lot longer than I thought you could. The first article states you could even last a minute or two.

That article also claims that frostbite probably isn’t as big an issue because heat leaves the body slowly in a vacuum. Not being protected from the sun’s UV rays, though, could be a problem.

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The More You Know: White trash takes over the Student Association edition

April 30th, 2008

Work Out is on tonight

Here’s a preview, if you’re really that eager…[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

April 29th, 2008

Ask a Lesbian About Last Night’s Work Out: Cruises, massages, ties

Last week’s Work Out saw the female trainers entering the lesbian lion’s den, with the part of the lion being played by an Olivia cruise ship full of ladyfolk. Jackie’s girlfriend is understandably eyebrow-raisey over the whole escapade because of Rebecca’s participation. Her suspicions end up being warranted after Rebecca accidentally forgets her bikini and has to show her ass to everyone in the bathing suit store.

Meanwhile, the new gay trainer/masseur J.D. starts at Sky. He joins Peeler, stony ab Greg and Jesse as they grill meat and decide to do some sort of race where they run in mud.

But nevermind half-assed summaries of last week’s episode, here’s our Q&A with our resident lesbians…

Gretchen from South Dakota wants to know: Why do lesbians like going on cruises so much? Is it something Rosie O’Donnell started?

Sam: I’ve never been on a lesbian cruise, but I think I may understand why the lesbians are into them as much as they are. There is something about being confined together. You have no options to leave and you are surrounded by women, it gives you an excuse to do what you actually want to do. Kinda look at it like drinking at a bar. For whatever reason, women need the booze to actually follow their desires. Now add a ship with a lot of alcohol and a lot of women and a bunch of beds. Then they can spend their quality time together. Find the “love of their life” and have the u-haul waiting for when the ship docks to move in together.

Jasmine: Gretchen, I think cruises are the women’s music festival of the new century. I’m all for it – I would much rather get drunk at a bar and hook up in a nice, dry bed instead of drinking out of a flask in a field and having sex in a damn sleeping bag in a cold tent.

Frank from Lincoln, Nebraska writes: I was shocked when Jackie took over Rebecca and Erika’s boot camp! Is she on a power trip or something? Is this just a quiet way of asserting her dominance over Rebecca?

Sam: Jackie’s a bitch and alpha male. Period.

Jasmine: Ditto (and its really hot!).

Esteban from Seattle asks: Naked Jackie got a rub-down from the new gay guy! Was that non-sexual tension as weird for you as it was for me?

Sam: Well Esteban, I can speak to experience with this seeing how I’m having a secret love affair with a gay man myself. If you are gay, I recommend you find yourself a lesbian and spend some quality time with her. You’ll understand soon enough. Trust me, its a market thats not been tapped yet.

Jasmine: Esteban, I actually thought the non-sexual tension was very refreshing. I’m tired of the plain, boring, old sexual kind.

Leslie from Utah says: I noticed that Jackie wore a man’s tie on a recent episode. I’ve heard this is called “pulling a Poundstone.” Is that true?

Sam: I dunno, maybe? Personally I’ve never head this phrase and I’ve worn a tie or two myself. Maybe they are saying it behind my back, I’ll ask when I get a chance and get back to you.

Jasmine: Leslie, I’ve never heard that phrase, but that is what it should be called. I’m going to start using it every chance I get. Thanks for the information!

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The More You Know: RIP NBC 12:30am timeslot edition

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I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here.

There must be some pretty desperate folks over at VH1.

That is, it must be kind of sad when the glory days of the network were The Surreal Life and Celebrity Fit Club. I have no tangible proof of the fact that the whole Celebreality schtick is fading, but it seems to be safely “over.” My Fair Brady and the like have faded into embarrassing memories.

But did you know that the network has a brand new series that you probably didn’t know was going on?  Or, at least, I didn’t know it was going on and so I think that no one knew it was going on.

So, before we play the “which c-list celebrity is actually on this show” game, let’s play “what exactly is this game show.”

The game is: Celebrecadabra! (celebrities do magic), Celeb P.I. (celebrities solve fake mysteries), Celeb Commando (celebrities go to boot camp and the firing range)

Faded eighties actor: Judge Reinhold, C. Thomas Howell, Leif Garrett

Former Talk Soup host: Aisha Tyler, Hal Sparks, John Henson

Rapper: Kid from Kid ‘n’ Play, Hammer, Biz Markie

Celebrity Fit Club veteran: Kimberly Locke, Carnie Wilson, the Snapple Lady

Female comic: Lisa Lampenelli, Rita Rudner, Lisa Ann Walter

Girly singer: A Cheetah Girl, a Danity Kane member, a Pussycat Doll

Last Comic Standing: Ant, Dat Phan, Todd Glass

Click to continue reading “I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here.”

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Music for zombies, soccer moms and zombie soccer moms

I was watching last week’s Grey’s Anatomy (it was strangely comforting to return to Seattle Grace, even though no one changed and everyone is still just as annoying as ever) the other night and I came across this Dodge Journey commercial. I didn’t care about the product — not really looking for something to schlep the kids to soccer practice in — but the song was awesome. What’s more, it sounded familiar.[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

The song is by Grandaddy and is called A.M. 180. It is delightful, with its crunchy guitars and kindergarten bloops and bleeps. You might remember it from 28 Days Later, which is probably what triggered some sort of response in the recesses of my brain.

And you can download it here!

Meanwhile, enough with Meredith and the not talking during the long-overdue therapy.

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The More You Know: #1 World Champion edition

April 28th, 2008

The TV Blog Coalition

  • blackcoalition.jpgBuzz played agent to Lauren Graham and asked what her next career move should be. (BuzzSugar)
  • Sandie shared pictures from the set of Moonlight. (Daemon’s TV)
  • Marcia liveblogged the UK’s BAFTA Television Awards, in which shows most Americans have never heard of took home the big prizes. (Pop Vultures)
  • Rae listened in on a teleconference with Jason Dohring about the return of Moonlight and shares her favorite bits. (RTVW)
  • You soon won’t forget Sarah Marshall. Yep, Scooter can write uber-cheesy headlines with the best of them. (Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green)
  • This week, the TV Addict set the internet ablaze with his review of the highly anticipated BATTLESTAR GALACTICA prequel CAPRICA [the TV Addict]
  • How I Met Your Mother introduces everyone to Vance’s Canada! Welcome, eh! (Tapeworthy)
  • This week, Jace dished about the Torchwood season finale but he was really all about the shape of things to come on Lost. (Televisionary)
  • TiFaux launched a new regular feature this week with Dan recruiting some of his gal pals for Ask a Lesbian About This Week’s Work Out. This week, they addressed Jackie’s new haircut and Rebecca’s shouting for attention. (TiFaux)
  • Jennifer was downright giddy after Robin and Barney’s kiss on How I Met Your Mother and couldn’t resist gushing about the Robin Sparkles-centered episode guest starring James Van Der Beek. And she can’t stop singing, “I’m building sandcastles in the sand.” (Tube Talk)
  • Kate scoured casting notices until she was able to confirm that yes, there really will be a Wedding of the Year on Gossip Girl (TV Filter)

April 26th, 2008

Will and Grace game show: Constant state of quiet panic optional

willgrace.jpgGay men: Are you your own worst enemy? Do you spend your time looking for hook-ups and wild nights out and then continually wonder why all you have to say for yourself is an apartment full of Ikea furniture and a complete set of Sex and the City DVDs? Do you worry about your hair? A lot?

Ladies who love them: Have you given up? Do you get 75% of what you need from your gay best friend and seek the shelter of a safe and comfortable relationship over the risk and stress of a new, but potentially meaningful one? Are you aging?

Well, you could potentially get cast on a new game show seeking Will and Grace-style couples.

I suppose this is actually a pretty inoffensive thing, but the way they phrase it is a bit unflattering. Will and Grace were pretty tragic characters when you got past the slapstick gags and pop culture references. I have no shortage of straight female friends, but being described as Will and Grace would basically be tantamount to saying “welcome to the rest of your fulfilling-ish life.”

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