Gossip Girl: Bad, bad parenting

Posted by sara October 15th, 2008 at 10:30am In All Things TV General Gossip Girl

This week the theme on Gossip Girl was, as ever, criminally bad parenting. Let’s not even talk about how we learned last time that Bart Bass blames Chuck for his wife’s death and that’s why he doesn’t care that his son is a foppish, drunken date rapist/whoremonger who has been hitting the rouge pretty hard lately. Or why Lily Van Der Woodsen–Bass has failed to notice that her daughter is waging a campaign of terror against Blair and her son has completely disappeared since the Vitamin Water White Party.

Oh, for the love of argyle.

Oh, for the love of argyle.

No, this week was yet another referendum on why Rufus Humphrey is the Worst Father in America. I was reading on Sunday about more hideously spoiled teenagers throwing hissyfits about hand-me-downs, and seeing Rufus cave immediately to Jenny’s petulant whining convinced me that America Is Doomed. Doomed, I tell you!

Also doomed: Yale’s image in popular culture. That was Columbia, y’all.

Let’s just be clear: It isn’t a parent’s job to give his kid everything the parent ever wanted when he was fifteen! Because fifteen-year-olds are IDIOTS. Your job is to make them clean their rooms, do the damn dishes, and go to school! And become productive, responsible members of society. Jesus, Rufus. This is how you raise insufferable jackasses. (Also, Rufus? It’s gross to ogle your ex-girlfriend in a slutty dress your daughter made. GROSS. And Lily! Have we not learned the icky lessons of mothers competing with their daughters? Do not become Dina Lohan!)

In other news, a blind person has been put in charge of Blair’s wardrobe. She looks like a raving lunatic. Which I suppose makes sense, because she’s acting like one. But I have been waiting for a hair-pulling catfight and a bench-clearing brawl for weeks, so that pretty well redeemed 20% of this episode for me. Yay, violence! Also, Manbangs and Lonelyboy are boyfriends now? That’s awesome.


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