Dead Set: Good, gory fun if you can stomach it

Posted by Dan November 17th, 2008 at 12:18pm In General

A few weeks ago I posted about the British show Dead Set — a British zombie mini-series with the gimmick being that the zombie outbreak takes place at the set of the UK Big Brother. Well, I just finished watching it, and I must say it was a much more satisfying experience than anything I’ve seen debut on American TV this year.

One of the things I liked most about Dead Set is that it didn’t aspire to make a broad social commentary, which would inevitably be some sort of snooty commentary on the sloth and mindlessness inspired by television (or, perhaps, the vapid and unfulfilling nature of fame). At heart, this is just a well made thriller that is both engaging and gut-wrenching (and gut-devouring, for that matter).

I really like the idea of zombie movies as a distinct subgenre, with each movie having identifiable moments and stock characters. There’s the plucky hero/heroine, the loudmouth with bad ideas, the loveable character who we know has been infected and must be killed,  etc. Finding different ways to watch these play out is fun (for me, at least) to watch.

But — back to the point — I’d definitely recommend getting your hands on Dead Set. If you’re on the fence about wondering whether or not you can handle zombie movie, then don’t. It’s gruesome affair, with things reaching insane levels of bloody in the penultimate episode onward.

Side note: I’ve been watching Dead Set primarily on my iPod and primarily on public transportation. This is a mistake — but one I acknowledged and continued to make on a regular basis. While I usually tried to hide my screen from my fellow train passengers, I’m pretty sure a few people gave me weird looks because they heard screaming coming from my headphones.

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  • 1. Andy W.  |  November 17th, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Loved Dead Set, loved what they did with Davina. I was expecting to be disappointed but I actually found it great.


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