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Lost season five preview: What would Angela Chase think?

Speaking of shows that have been off our mental radar for a while — how about Lost?  It might take a little catching up (the boat blew up probably killing Michael but probably not Jin; the island teleported away; the Oceanic Six got rescued; John Lock in a box…), but I’m sure we’ll get into the swing of things fairly quickly.

To whet your appetite here’s a two-minute clip featuring Kate, a tow-headed scamp named Aaron and Angela Chase’s dad from My So-Called Life. But in this show he’s a villainous lawyer, not an everydad.

Don’t get too worked up just yet — the season premiere isn’t til January 21.

December 3rd, 2008

Time to start thinking about Battlestar again

I jumped on the Battlestar Galactica train late in the game. I binged on three seasons in a row a while back before finally watching the first half of season four in real time — so my retention isn’t what it could be.

But by now I’ve pretty much forgotten everything that’s happened. I seem to recall something about robot-people, a blonde chick who is always angry and then Donnie Darko’s mom saying she was the president.  I guess I have some catching up to do.

For those of you in the same place, here’s a teaser/refresher on where we left things at the end of the first half of season four and what’s to come.

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Prop 8: The Musical

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

December 3rd, 2008

The More You Know: Still crushing your head

December 3rd, 2008


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