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The Office: Andy tours Schrute Farms

December 8th, 2008

Giveaway: Heroes — seasons one and two

Moms and elementary school teachers like to say that everyone who tries is a winner.

At TiFaux, the situation isn’t so rosy.  We’ve got two winners in our Heroes giveaway!  Congrats to Rebecca S. and Faith B. for winning seasons of Heroes.

Here’s episode three of Heroes: Destiny, sponsored by Sprint.

December 8th, 2008

Hey, it’s a new show!: Leverage

Sunday night, Roommate and I watched the series premiere of TNT’s new Ocean’s 11 ripoff, Leverage. And it was a delight. I do like a good heist, even better when there are quippy, handsome men involved in said heist. And gadgets. Gadgets are fun.

You guys, The Right Stuff was like 25 years ago. Can we stop reenacting it?

You guys, The Right Stuff was like 25 years ago. Can we stop reenacting it?

Here’s the deal: Timothy Hutton is Nathan Ford, a former insurance investigator with a massive grudge, because the insurance company for which he recovered bazillions of dollars’ worth of art and other valuables refused to pay for his ill son’s experimental treatment, and the kid died. Which is terrible, and I think we can agree that insurance companies suck goat balls. So when some random in an airport lounge, whom we shall from hereon out call The Airpostor a380 approaches Ford to ask him to steal back some aircraft blueprints that a competitor stole from him (and that are insured by Ford’s stingy former employer so he can get a little revenge on them) he’s all, where do I steal?

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Monday Morning Quarterback: SNL Season 34, Episode 10

Was this episode of Saturday Night Live Amy Poehler’s last? It wasn’t promoted as such, but it seemed that way even without the unofficial inclusiveness that greeted the departures of Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, and Maya Rudolph. SNL rarely hypes a particular episode as this or that cast member’s final appearance, but they’ve gotten far more conscious of it over the past fifteen years or so as the show has moved away from the mass-firing house-cleanings that used to happen every six or seven years. As such, I would’ve expected that a final round for Poehler would include not just Hilary Clinton and Weekend Update, but maybe a final appearance by Amber, the one-legged trash game show contestant, or some kind of bizarre personal favorite sketch that had been cut from dress a million times before.

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The More You Know: I’ll take cap his ass for $200

December 8th, 2008


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