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Music: Ra Ra Riot

I have to admit — I missed the boat on Ra Ra Riot.

While TiFaux John has long championed the band (they’re from his native Syracuse), I never got around to listening to them til the week after they came to town.  However, YouTube is in town every day of the year — so you can watch the video for “Ghost Under Rocks” any time you want to.

You can tell this for yourself, but Ra Ra Riot (despite the rowdy name) makes brisk chamber pop — earthy, but light, rock sounds augmented by (a pair of hot babes playing) violin and cello. “Ghost Under Rocks” is one of the bands more ominous sounding songs — it has some great tension that never quite releases — but I like its drama.

December 10th, 2008

This is incredible

Wow.  This is the sound of some asshole losing his job.

Watch in this clip as some producer on MSNBC completely loses his mind on the air.  Nothing really to say about this, except I feel bad for that poor anchor who has to just pretend like everything’s fine.

Livid Producer Screaming During Report – Watch more free videos

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Introducing the TiFaux Twitter feed

Hey nerds!  If you’re following the latest Internet phenomenons, then you know that anyone who’s anyone has a Twitter feed.

A Twitter feed is basically a 140 character-per-post blog.  You can follow as many feeds as you want, via your own account (or any number of clients). Oftentimes these little blogs (or “tweets” for the cutesy and/or socially maladjusted) amount to nothing more than “I want a sandwich.” Or, in the case of our TV blog, “I like what Milo’s done with his hair.”

So, yeah. Twitter feeds are useless — but they are a way to waste time.  And lord knows I’m always on the lookout for ways to do that.

Go to if you want to follow our feed.  Who knows if we’ll update frequently, but it’ll be fun for a week!

Oh — and if you want to join our Facebook group you can do so here.  We also have a MySpace thingey, but these days that’s just for struggling musicians and those guys on To Catch a Predator.

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Daily Show: Mike Huckabee is a psychopath

Last night Jon Stewart talked to former presidential candidate -comma- nutjob Mike Huckabee and got into a conversation about marriage equality for gays.

See their very stressful conversation below.

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The More You Know: NBC ruins 10pm

December 10th, 2008


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