Checking in with Dirty Sexy Money

Posted by Dan December 22nd, 2008 at 11:01am In General


I caught up on Dirty Sexy Money and I have to admit — I’m going to miss this show. A member of the great ABC Second Season Drama Euthenasia of 2008, there are only a few more episodes left and I’m not that hopeful it will get the resolution it deserves.

I’m not about to spout off a list of superlatives for Dirty Sexy Money — I’m not going to tear out my hair like it’s a Greek tragedy — but this was a show that pulled off the primetime soap genre with style. The plot was constantly unwrapping and evolving in interesting ways, equal parts mystery and character drama. Sure, some of the antics can grow tiring (Jeremy Darling’s constant adolescent drama felt hard to sympathize with) but the writers and the ensemble keeps things moving, so if one plot doesn’t do it for you there are five others to think about.

For some reason, I find myself engaged with the characters on this show even though they are no less ridiculous than your garden variety Izzie Stevens. Perhaps, though, it’s just because the Darlings have less pretense. The show is written with a certain campy sensiblity in mind and outrageous behavior is the norm. They’re bold, un-relatable characters, whereas Grey’s Anatomy characters yearn to earn your empathy.

The most shocking development of the past few episodes was the death of Carmelita — Patrick Darling’s lover and the most visible transgender character on television (that is played by a transgender actress). While Carmelita went out in dramatic fashion, her death was disappointing because this was a character that really deserved to be fleshed out.  I could be wrong — but I don’t think we ever found out howshe and Patrick met or how their romance began.  I don’t know — for a brief shocker, it seems like a squandered opportunity.

So, we’ll see how it all ends up.  The series finale should be coming sometime soon.

PS. This is neither here nor there, but DSM has one of the best themes around — five seconds of sexy bass guitar that punctuates the opening scene of every episode.  But that’s the least of my worries.


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