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The Best of Everything: Jesse’s Top Five TV Moments of 2008

Here are the top five TV moments that made me stand up and say “yeah!” in 2008. (As in: “Yeah! TV is awesome!” or “Yeah! I still don’t watch Mad Men or Damages!”)

5. When I realized during the season premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation that Season 8 would mark a return to classic theme-song territory

OK, yeah, it’s more of a pop-punk cover of the Degrassi theme than the original gospel glee club incarnation, and I have no idea what to think of these new grade eight kids who are really more like Degrassi: Is This a New Generation Yet? I’m Still Figuring Out Whether I Belong to X or Y, but after a ridiculous hiatus that featured our favorite Canadians striking poses like the cheese-tastic recent opening credits for The City, the show’s opening once again glories to the sight of all cast members, no matter how peripheral or in some cases yet-to-be-formally-introduced, mugging for the camera while engaged in school activities. Whatever it takes indeed.

4. When Olivia Munn led an impromptu chant of “USA! USA!” on Attack of the Show

This may have happened more than once. I almost always find it funny.

I'm looking for a book on terminator infestations.

I'm looking for a book on terminator infestations.

3. When that one Terminator went way back in time and orchestrated a variety of historic events in order to seal himself into a new building, and wait there for like a hundred years in order to bust out and kill this one guy.

Seriously, I have to hand it to the Terminators: even when they screw up, they’re willing to wait for a hundred years inside of a wall to fix it. And to kill you.

2. When Pam and Jim Got Engaged

This little scene is everything that’s wonderful about the Pam-Jim relationship: sweet, unadorned, and completely free of Friends-style soapiness:

1. When Liz Lemon terrorized her staff by promising that “you’ll all have chins!”

Little on TV delights me as much as 30 Rock (Steve Martin lamenting “I miscounted the men!” could’ve just as easily made this list), and just about nothing on TV delighted me as much as this particular moment which, even better, is virtually impossible to explain. It’s a moment from the episode “Sandwich Day,” and it’s not available on NBC’s website. Basically, Liz Lemon, brandishing an awards statuette, threatens Kenneth the page, telling him to get her another sandwich or “I’ll cut your face up so bad you’ll have a chin.” Funny enough, but when Liz stepped back, statuette still in hand, and nonsensically opened up her threat to the rest of the room, I pretty much died.

January 9th, 2009

The Best of Everything: John’s list for 2008

Best Dramas: Damages, True Blood, Mad Men, Terminator

Anything I could say about the first three shows has been said a million times before by every critic. They’re just good TV. As for Terminator, come on kids give it a chance! Shirley Manson as urinal-bot mom, awkward terminator humor (see Marissa’s #4), trips to Mexico for burritos… how can you go wrong?

Best International Reality Show: Project Runway Australia

I think the contestants in this version may have out polite-d the Canadian version. The show is very similar to the first season of the American version except the Tim Gunn guy looks like the old dude from the Six Flags commercials. The contestants are all loveable, and are even nice enough to pretend they’re interested in meeting Kelly Rowland. Sadly, Kristy Hinze as host is not as funny/scary as Iman but is comparable to Heidi Klum.

Best Unaired Commercial: AFSCME
My favorite Youtube discovery of ’08, audio NSFW.

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Best Shows To Catch Up On Your iPod

Dead Set – Also on Dan’s list, it’s just fun filler and more like a zombie movie broken up into 5 parts than an actual TV show.

Breaking Bad – It’s the dad from Malcolm in the Middle as a high school chemistry teacher who brews meth and uses Mr. Wizard-esque science against drug dealers. Bryan Cranston looks and acts identical to my high school chem teacher, right down to the moustache. No wonder he won an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a drama.

Summer Heights High – Comedian Chris Lilley plays an obnoxious rich girl, an overdramatic drama teacher, and a Polynesian break dancer who all attend the same high school. The series ends with a Hamlet 2 style musical denouncing drugs and sluttiness and lauding the drama teacher for his work keeping kids clean. The show also contains an unusually large amount of penis graffiti (always a win in my book).

The Funniest 7 Minutes of a Music Themed Episode: Haven’t you heard?

What can I say, I’m an idiot who loves juvenile stuff. Here’s 7 minutes of The Bird Is The Word jokes (ignore the rest of the episode since it’s crap).

January 9th, 2009

The More You Know: Scientists invent new way to goof off at work

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January 9th, 2009


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