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Golden Globes Question

Hey everybody, this is only tangentially related to TV (because it was on TV), but I have a Golden Globes related trivia exercise/question/random observation. Also you should know I have straight-up copied this from an email I sent to my dad, who had nothing to add except that my theory “sounds unlikely.”

sigourneyDuring the best drama/best comedy&musical clips they showed throughout the show, I had fun trying to figure out the connection between the person presenting the movie and the movie itself. Some were easy, like the Bollywood actor and actress presenting the clip from Slumdog Millionaire, or Tom Brokaw presenting Frost/Nixon, or Pierce Brosnan presenting Mamma Mia which he was in. Some required more thinking, like these:

Jake Gyllenhaal presents The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — Jake was in Zodiac, which was also directed by David Fincher

Renee Zellwegger presents The Reader — Renee was in Cold Mountain, which was an Anthony Minghella movie, and he produced The Reader

Don Cheadle presents Burn After Reading — Don is the Ocean’s 11 movies with Brad Pitt and George Clooney, who are both in Burn After Reading

Salma Hayek presents Vicky Christina Barcelona — Latina

Gerard Butler presents In Bruges — a resident of the UK

But there was one I absolutely could not figure out. Why did Sigourney Weaver present the clip from Revolutionary Road? She has no connection to Sam Mendes or Kate Winslet or Leonardo DiCaprio, as far as I can tell. I just learned today that she’s one of two other people, in addition to Kate Winslet, to win two acting awards at the same Golden Globes, but there’s no way they could’ve known that ahead of time. What could be the logic here? I would’ve understood Kevin Spacey. Or Billy Zane. But the only thing I can figure is this:

Sigourney Weaver was in Aliens which was directed by James Cameron who directed Kate and Leo in Titanic.

That can’t be it, though. Can it?

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Golden Globes: Sure. Whatevs.

I just thought that I’d throw some Golden Globe-related thoughts at you because, after all, it did happen. Bit of a snooze, but whatever. I guess I think that every year will be the year that Christine Lahti gets an award while in the crapper. But, sadly, it’s usually a lot of agent-thanking and the occasionally sassy comment that would break decorum at the notoriously prissy Oscars.

Since I have no organized thoughts on the proceedings (aside from the ones I tweeted with Sara last night — subscribe to our bustling Twitter feed here), here are my bulleted notes.

  • As long as Tina and 30 Rock win, they can give every other award to Charlie Sheen
  • As I said in the Twitter feed — I was prepared to take hostages if Jeremy Piven won. Luckily, no one has to die.
  • Glad to see Marisa Tomei getting nominated again — defeating those Jack Palance blunder rumors.
  • Sting looks like a werewolf, 20% through transformation.
  • Don Cheadle engaged in some awkward joshing of the Cohen brothers in his Burn After Reading intro. Uncomfortable, but harmless.
  • Anna Paquin? Huh. Questionable, but at least interesting. I’m usually happy to see freshman series win things.
  • Did Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore share a joint in the ladies room before presenting?
  • I really want to see In Bruges now (and Happy Go Lucky). Colin Farrell does best when he’s playing himself — a drunken hooligan.
  • I think Glenn Close got caught saying something political after that Israeli film won best foreign language film. She had a very scary expression.
  • Tracy Morgan’s acceptance speech has been the greatest thing to happen to this telecast. Cate Blanchett indeed!
  • Hooray for all the Slumdog Millionaire awards, especially the score one. Although, truth be told, I see like three movies a year and that was the only award-worthy one.

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Monday Morning Quarterback: SNL Season 34, Episode 12

With Amy Poehler actually gone for good — no more opening introduction, no more Update credit — it was finally safe, even necessary, for the new SNL girls to step out. Michael Watkins logged four sketches, most notably playing straight woman to Kristen Wiig’s unhinged Kathie Lee Gifford, while Abby Elliott appeared in three and even got to say the “live from New York” bit.

Elliott’s impression of Rachel Maddow wasn’t much of one, though it probably wasn’t her fault that the sketch failed to find a satirical angle on Maddow herself. Her appearance felt more like an acknowledgement of her place in the cable-news landscape, with all of the jokes coming at the expense of Roland Burris (Kenan Thompson) and Governor Blagojevich (Jason Sudeikis, always at his best playing irrepressible and/or unrepentant jackasses).

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The More You Know: The warp whistle is in TR Knight’s scrubs

January 12th, 2009


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