Golden Globes: Sure. Whatevs.

Posted by Dan January 12th, 2009 at 12:48pm In Special Events

I just thought that I’d throw some Golden Globe-related thoughts at you because, after all, it did happen. Bit of a snooze, but whatever. I guess I think that every year will be the year that Christine Lahti gets an award while in the crapper. But, sadly, it’s usually a lot of agent-thanking and the occasionally sassy comment that would break decorum at the notoriously prissy Oscars.

Since I have no organized thoughts on the proceedings (aside from the ones I tweeted with Sara last night — subscribe to our bustling Twitter feed here), here are my bulleted notes.

  • As long as Tina and 30 Rock win, they can give every other award to Charlie Sheen
  • As I said in the Twitter feed — I was prepared to take hostages if Jeremy Piven won. Luckily, no one has to die.
  • Glad to see Marisa Tomei getting nominated again — defeating those Jack Palance blunder rumors.
  • Sting looks like a werewolf, 20% through transformation.
  • Don Cheadle engaged in some awkward joshing of the Cohen brothers in his Burn After Reading intro. Uncomfortable, but harmless.
  • Anna Paquin? Huh. Questionable, but at least interesting. I’m usually happy to see freshman series win things.
  • Did Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore share a joint in the ladies room before presenting?
  • I really want to see In Bruges now (and Happy Go Lucky). Colin Farrell does best when he’s playing himself — a drunken hooligan.
  • I think Glenn Close got caught saying something political after that Israeli film won best foreign language film. She had a very scary expression.
  • Tracy Morgan’s acceptance speech has been the greatest thing to happen to this telecast. Cate Blanchett indeed!
  • Hooray for all the Slumdog Millionaire awards, especially the score one. Although, truth be told, I see like three movies a year and that was the only award-worthy one.


  • 1. Marisa  |  January 12th, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    You should see In Bruges. I was surprised that it got nominated for so many awards, but really glad it did. It is deserving.

  • 2. Kyle  |  January 12th, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    In Bruges is really great. It was completely overlooked when it came out, since it was marketed as a dumb British crook movie, when it was really more like Waiting for Godot (with guns). It’s nice to see it got some love from a generally useless awards show. Did anyone remember that the strike last year turned the Globes into a televised press conference? I for one, had completely forgotten.


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