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Lost is the New Inauguration

I don’t know if you know this already, but Lost comes back tonight. What? It’s been covered in pretty much ever media outlet? I hadn’t noticed.

Fine, I have. Here is a sample of the chattering:

  • God, when was that last episode? If, like me, you’ve already forgotten everything, TV Guide reminds you where everyone was when last season ended.
  • Jorge Garcia (Hurley) makes the rounds, talking to both New York and Time Out New York. Dude.
  • A.V. Club’s “The Hater” comes up with yet another Lost drinking game. Take a drink whenever Juliet makes her bitch-face, y’all.
  • Vulture compiles a list of 20 questions they’d like to see answered this season. (“How big was the settlement from Oceanic Airlines?…Did they get billions? If so, why can’t they just pay Ben or Charles Widmore to explain what the hell is going on?”) The site also compiles a list of the Internet’s craziest theories about the show.
  • Even if you’ve research all of the crackpot theories, I bet you haven’t heard this one: Slate surmises that you can glean everything you need to know by watching the introductory scene of each season. Including this one.
  • Stop Guessing! Ask Ausiello has some real info for you.

January 21st, 2009

Well done, T-Mobile (although I still have no plans to switch)

Remember when you were a kid and you thought that being grown up just meant driving cars and not having to go to school?  And if you wanted to be a ballet dancer/astronaut/rock star, that was a perfectly reasonable career path?

Well, we all grew up. And adult life has a lot more chatter about 401ks and joint pain than anything else.

So that’s why I love this T-Mobile ad — it’s comes from an alternate reality where everyday people do just break out into song and dance.

January 21st, 2009

First post of a new era

John’s taking the day off news because went to the inauguration yesterday and is all ‘hoped out.’

But it’s not like there’s really any news worth reporting aside from the fact that we Barack Obama is now our president. I’ll leave it to Jon Stewart to give you all the commentary you need.

January 21st, 2009


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