Damages: Still crazy after all these years

Posted by Dan January 22nd, 2009 at 11:00am In Damages

damages2Finally, after more than a year off the air, Damages has returned with its second season. (By the way, I’m so full of shit. I just watched the first season this fall, so I’ve only had to wait a few months. And I’ve kept myself plenty busy with whiskey sodas and cutethingsfallingasleep.org)

But the second season premiere did not disappoint, developing the characters and advancing the plot with the same momentum of the first season. I pity anyone who tries to jump into the second season without having been along for the ride from the beginning, but here’s a summary of where we are now.

Things have changed since Ellen walked off the dock at the end of season one. The ingenue we once knew is now a functional emotional trainwreck in light of her fiance’s murder. She’s drinking her whiskey straight, being combative at group therapy and, most notably, sassing the federal agents she’s cooperating with to destroy Patty Hewes. Patty, on the other hand, seems to have dulled her fangs a little bit. In light of her guilty feelings toward her actions in the Frobisher case, she’s thrown herself into public service and philanthropy. She still likes to tell people to eff off, but she doesn’t seem to relish it as much as she once did. Plus she’s got a hot new haircut — much softer and longer and less guest-on-Greta-Van-Sustren.

The action of this season surrounds William Hurt as the Scientist Who Knows Too Much. Once again, though, instead of the mysterious corporate operatives murdering him for what he knows, they’ve murdered his wife. Who, by the way, is totally Aunt Becky from Full House a dead ringer for Aunt Becky from full house (but was actually April O’Neil in the second and third Ninja Turtle movies). But that is neither here nor there.

Just like last season, there’s an ominous sepia-toned flash forward with a gun-toting Ellen playing cat and mouse (she’s the cat) with an unseen person. Well, it’s not necessarily so much cat and mouse as it is cat and mouse that has been bound, drugged, gagged and tortured for the truth.

So that’s basically where we’re at. And I’m really pleased with the way things are progressing.  The season premiere was very cinematic — a quality I’ve always admired about the show. The second episode slowed the pace a little bit, but there always enough twists and turns to keep Damages the best drama on television. And, yes, I’m including Battlestar Galactica in that category. Oh, yeah. I went there.

If you haven’t seen the first season, Netflix it. Then forget everything I just wrote and start the second season. You’ll be obsessed.


  • 1. Maggie  |  January 22nd, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the addition of Timothy Olyphant, my One True Television Love. Scruffy! Slightly menacing! Possibly psycho! He is so dreamy. I <3 damagez forevez.

  • 2. RT  |  February 8th, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    By the way the actress who plays Daniel Purcell’s wife is Paige Turco. Aunt Becky from Full House was Lori Loughlin and yes the ladies do look alike.


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