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Music: Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head

We’re only one month into 2009 and I’ve already found two bands that I think deserved a spot on my year-end music list (that I posted on my much-neglected other blog). The first is Frightened Rabbit, which I wrote about the other day, and the other is a band with a name that is both glorious and damned to be embarrassing in a devastatingly short amount of time: Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head.

NPSH is basically a young party band that infuses their electronic dance rock with silly lyrics and an aggressively goofy attitude. Aggressively goofy?  Yes, aggressively goofy. See their video below for Sophisticated Side Ponytail.

There’s something I like about the fact that NPSH’s music, like their name, seem to be a kitschy, contemporary joke.  It probably won’t age well, but that’s not important.  The fact that they have enough balls to make music that probably won’t stand the test of time is something that I admire.

But, who knows? Maybe they’ll be the Dee-Lite of the late 2000s.

natalie portman’s shaved head – sophisticated side ponytail from thatgo on Vimeo.

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Giveaway: The View, Thom Felicia and the rest

geddes2Congrats to TiFaux reader Suzy for winning the Thom Felicia-slash-The View-slash-Kimberely Clark giveaway!

She’ll receive a book and all sorts of paper products, including diapers, for writing to us with the subject line “Diapers for my imaginary baby.” However, the joke’s on me, because it turns out that good old Suze is actually gestating a real-life infant as we speak!

So, I think I speak for the whole TiFaux crew when I say thank you for reading and we expect you to buy one of these fetching onesies.

February 4th, 2009

A Defense of Sorts: Scrubs

See, the cute kind of garbage!

See, the cute kind of garbage!

Scrubs recently began its eighth, possibly final season, also its first on new home ABC. The default response to any non-smash sitcom in its eighth season could probably be described as indifferent, but I’ve noticed a pretty strong disdain for Scrubs among the kinds of TV watchers who cherish the likes of its onetime NBC stablemates The Office or 30 Rock — that is to say, people like me. Generally, people like me do not care for Scrubs at all, probably because it’s cutesy, sometimes venturing into mawkish or grotesque.

But I have to give the show some credit for doing a lot of stuff right without a shield of hipness. When it debuted back in 2001, it was a single-camera comedy in the waning years of Friends; it wove in earnest, sometimes sentimental drama and surreal cutaways like some kind of weird cross between The Wonder Years and The Simpsons; and as cartoonish as the broader material can be, the characters have always seemed more or less believable to me — I’m particularly fond of the show’s goofily affectionate portrait of male friendship between J.D. (Zach Braff) and Turk (Donald Faison). My vague respect solidified when a med student friend said that even with all of the wackiness, Scrubs, not ER or House or any other one-hour drama, comes closest to the actual experience of working in a hospital.

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The More You Know: Panic attacks and leg sores

February 4th, 2009


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