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Ask Tracy Jordan

Here’s one of those Ask Tracy Jordan things. It definitely feels like 30 Rock on autopilot, but 30 Rock on autopilot is still better than most shows on real-pilot-flying-the-plane.

March 4th, 2009

My Quickfire

One of these things is not like the others.

So, the Top Chef reunion show is on tonight. I’m going to watch it because I want to see if Hosea will address how obsessed he was with Stefan. I’m really interested to know if that was one of those editing-created rivalries, or if he really was that Single White Chefmale over Stefan.

I mean, did that not sit right with anyone else? The whole time, Hosea was all MUST…BEAT…STEFAN! What about Carla? Why didn’t he consider her to be a serious contender? Unless his comments about Carla ended up on the cutting room floor, that smacks of sexism to me.

I know that a lot has already been said about women in the food industry, and even with regards to Top Chef in particular. (There’s only been one female Top Chef so far.) I don’t have to rehash any of that. But I’ve never really seen anything as blatant as Hosea’s attitude that he was only competing against one other chef in the finals.

In the end, what’s most disappointing is that Carla proved him right. (Sorry, spoilers, but you should know who won by now.) She flamed out. There wasn’t really a great reason for her meltdown, either. She just second-guessed herself (instead of being confident almost to the point of arrogance like the boys). I like Casey, too, but I agree 100 percent with the judges. I would’ve loved nothing more than to see her stride easily to victory, cooking nothing more than peas and oatmeal, while Hosea and Stefan were sniping away at each other.

Photo courtesy of Bravo/Virginia Sherwood.

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The More You Know: Dollhouse fans have a life

March 4th, 2009


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