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Posted by Marisa March 13th, 2009 at 03:33pm In Kings

Kings premieres this Sunday, but I got to see the first three episodes already to review the show for PopMatters. They were supposed to put up the review today, but the film section ran long and they decided to push it until the weekend. I guess that means that you guys get the first scoop on my opinion, but I’ll just give you the gist to avoid repeating myself. Check PopMatters.com this weekend for the full thing. [ETA: Official review is up here.]

The bottom line: I like it, as Maggie said, for its constant WTF factor. It’s just weird. Well, on some level, it’s the same as any primetime soap. There’s a fish-out-of-water that has to learn how to roll in an impossibly beautiful, elite social circle while everyone’s parents are distracted with their bad marriages. But, in Kings, this formula is injected into something truly bizarre. I dig alternate realities, and this one looks like a prettied-up, super-corporate version of New York. Figuring out the ins and outs of a modern, warring monarchy is the best part. So, while the “epic” nature of the show can drag things into boring, I liked it because it shows me something that no other series does. It’s not set in a hospital, or in a police station, or in a recognizable era from America’s past, or some combination of those (a prison hospital transported to the ’70s?). It’s off in its own crazyland. I fully support that.

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  • 1. sara  |  March 13th, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    Did you make up that last example, or did you watch the episode of Life on Mars that took place in a lockdown hospital psych ward in the ’70s? Because it was pretty good.

    NBC ran a lot of Kings promos during ER last night, so I have a lot of amorphous, indefinite thoughts floating around my head about the sort of torch-passing that’s going on between two distinct eras of network drama. ER is still very definitely a ’90s kind of drama (a couple weeks ago there was a closing montage with a pop song over it, and Ali and I looked at each other like, WTF?), and Kings seems very post-Lost aughties. I have no point. I’m just musing.


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