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The Red House: Putting both Ikea AND Jesse Jackson out of business

Below, find a ridiculous and sweet clip I came across for The Red House — a North Carolina furniture store that provides quality furniture for both black people and white people.

The clip is clearly too outlandish to be for real. And it is.  The two minds behind it are named Rhett and Link — who created a series of outlandish local commercials.  But the stiff, frightened-looking cast are what sells the whole production.


And if you’re still curious, here’s a making-of clip.

April 29th, 2009

Should I pick up a new show?

So I’ve been thinking about starting to watch Rescue Me. I know they just started a new season, but I’m thinking about Netflixing it from the beginning. I have reasons.


1. Firemen. Firemen are excellent. I especially like when the ones at the Houston and 6th Ave. station come to the grocery store in their big ladder truck. Of course, I have enjoyed shows about people I don’t really like before, like convicts and spoiled rich children. But I much prefer shows about groups of people I like, such as hot football players and hot pediatricians.

2. I like Denis Leary a lot.
He’s one of those older, kind of assholish guys who really do it for me (also: Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher). He’s also buddies with Jon Stewart from way back, which means he has to be at least moderately good people.

3. Michael J. Fox is on it this season! That would totally not apply to the previous four, but anything Michael J. Fox does is pretty awesome.

4. The ads for season 5 are awesome, with the firefighters being like 200 feet tall and marching around New York looking world-weary. I find these advertisements as appealing as they can be without making me watch the show (I have too much stuff at 10 on Tuesdays; seriously, it’s a problem).

Clearly, I don’t have enough stuff to do and have really been getting enough sleep lately, so I should pick up a new show to become obsessed with. Thoughts?

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The More You Know: Why not? edition

Here’s some news.  Because you’ve been good.

April 29th, 2009


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