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True Blood: Gays = Vampires?

Here's a picture of Ryan Kwanten without a shirt.

Here's a picture of Ryan Kwanten without a shirt.

Since its premiere, there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether or not the series is an elaborate allegory about gay rights.

Charlaine Harris, who write the Sookie Stackhouse books, says she intended the story to play out that way. Meanwhile, Alan Ball dismisses the idea. There’s an interesting

The New York Post writes:

Author Charlaine Harris — who wrote the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse mystery novels that the TV show is based on — hoped fans would pick up on the link between vampire rights and gay rights when she published the first book in 2001.

“When I began framing how I was going to represent the vampires, it suddenly occurred to me that it would be interesting if they were a minority that was trying to get equal rights,” Harris says.

“It just seemed to fit with what was happening in the world right then.”

But, the creator of the TV series, Alan Ball, doesn’t see it the same way. “To look at these vampires on the show as metaphors for gays and lesbians is so simple and so easy, that it’s kind of lazy,” Ball told a group of reporters in early June.

“If you get really serious about it, well, then the show could be seen to be very homophobic because vampires are dangerous: They kill, they’re amoral.”

True, Alan — it would be really easy to make that comparison. And, admittedly, there definitely isn’t a one-to-one relationship between the vamps and the gays.

But at the same time, come on. You’ve got an evangelical uprising against this population. You’ve got a “God Hates Fangs” sign in the opening credits.  You used the phrase “to come out of the coffin.” You have to admit, that you’re at least inviting a few comparisons.  If you really wanted to avoid it, you could have tried a bit harder to disguise it.

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