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Posted by sara August 26th, 2009 at 03:00pm In General Giveaways Leverage TV on DVD

We have a winner! Many thanks to everyone who entered our TNT-sponsored giveaway of the first season of Leverage, plus a Dark Blue poster signed by the mouthwatering cast. We asked you to tell us what the last thing you stole was, and to our sadness, none of you said “an election,” “the Mona Lisa,” or “Taylor Kitsch’s pants.” Bad readers. Try harder next time.

Hardison is busy stealing ONE HUNDRED BEEEELLION DOLLARS.

Hardison is busy stealing ONE HUNDRED BEEEELLION DOLLARS.

But several of you did send us some appealing tales of theft. Here are a few of my favorites:

“The last thing I stole was a glance at the very cute guy who likes to go running in my neighborhood. mmmm… tasty.” Get it, Faith.

“The last time I stole something I was 7 years old, and was at my 9-year-old cousin’s house coveting her sparkly tiara. I stole it and took it home with me, and when she came over to my house a few months later, I forgot and wore it in front of her. Oops.” Oh, amateur.

And I particularly liked university instructor Eric (if you are a professor, sir, I apologize), who inadvertently swiped a whole stack of lovely books from his department. “The next day, I realized that the books weren’t free—someone was just in the midst of moving offices. I still haven’t figured out how to discreetly return them.” Points for proper use of “discreetly,” Eric.

But our winner is Dhawal Parekh of Maple Grove, Minnesota, who has a produce-loving son and a casual relationship with The Law.

The last thing I stole was a tomato.

Let me explain. I have a two-and-a-half-year-old son. He loves to eat his vegetables, which is bizarre, but I am not complaining. One day while shopping for groceries with him in tow, we came across a heap of nice red beefsteak tomatoes. And he just had to have them right there and then. So I took one when no one was looking and gave it to him and he finished it off completely.

I did not pay for it and my son enjoyed the tomato.

This is how and why I stole the tomato.

We hope your son also enjoys the quips and heists on Leverage, and grows up to be a thoroughly law-abiding, fruit-and-vegetable-eating citizen.


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