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Posted by Maggie September 17th, 2009 at 11:59am In General

I’m too disheartened to look this up, but it’s probably been at least a year (perhaps two?) since I wrote a proper “Tonight on the Tifaux.” Now is not the time to get into a whole thing, but it’s clear from the underwhelming season coming up that the TV industry is taking its time recovering from the strike, and perhaps a full recovery will not be possible. We’ll have to scramble for good shows where we can and enjoy them for the fleeting moment that they survive (yes, I am still bitter that no one watched Kings).

communityBut tonight is different! Tonight marks the premiere of Joel McHale’s new NBC sitcom, Community. It was available on Facebook a few weeks ago and I watched it, and it is delightful. The cast is great — Joel, obviously, plus John Oliver as a teacher-buddy, Chevy Chase in a role that actually suits his self-importance, and a bunch of other comedy ringers — and the premise is a nice combination of cynical and real. Without the real, the cynical becomes too empty to take.

Joel is everywhere promoting this thing (and the opening of the great-looking Informant!, which he’s also in). But here’s a good interview with Joel, where he drops the nugget that the show’s creator also wrote the legendary Heat Vision and Jack pilot. Good to know, right? And here’s the NYT review, in which Alessandra Stanley gets it right but also ruins a bunch of funny jokes.

Also on tonight is the return of The Office (pregnant Pam) and Parks & Recreation (still giving it a chance), and the first of a handful of SNL Weekend Update Thursdays.

And if that weren’t enough (stop being so greedy!), there’s Project Runway. The saddest of many sad things about this latest boring season of Project Runway is that we don’t get Lifetime in HD, and while it bores us it looks hideous.

Enjoy these riches while you can! There’s nothing else to look forward to. And goodnight.


  • 1. jesse  |  September 17th, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    I have to say, I liked the Community pilot, but I’m way more excited for Parks & Recreation, which hardly anyone seems to actually-like (as opposed to prepare-to-like), but I thought got really good for the last couple of episodes of its short first season, especially the finale. Maybe it’s just Paul Schneider and the chick from Funny People that have me excited, but on the other hand, Paul Schneider and the chick from Funny People are great reasons to be excited!

  • 2. sara  |  September 17th, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    I’m kind of disappointed that I’ve already seen two of the shows I’m most interested in that are airing tonight (The Office and Community). But the good news is that both episodes are great, and there’s the new-to-me SNL Weekend Update Thursday Summer Winter Tuesday 2019. And John Oliver. John Oliver! I love him.


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