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Posted by Marisa December 18th, 2009 at 12:55am In SNL

I  know Jesse is usually our typical SNL guy, but tonight’s Gilly SNL Christmas special has inspired my most current obsession: the little “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” song. I couldn’t remember how many times they’d done it, or for how many holidays, or what amazing costumes they wore. It was bothering me. So, armed with the invaluable archive over at SNL transcripts, I think I’ve tracked down all of the times they’ve performed it. Really, I’m surprised at how much they’ve managed to use the song on different holidays, but I’m sure glad they did.

First Occurrence: December 9, 2000 (Val Kilmer hosting)

They wear red sweaters, they giggle, and it’s the amazing moment we all love and remember.

Second Occurrence: December 16, 2000 (Lucy Liu hosting)

For some reason, they manage to do it over the very next week!

Third Occurrence: May 19, 2001 (Christopher Walken hosting–Weezer musical guest!)

They perform it again, only dressed in Hawaiian shirts for Memorial Day. This episode is also memorable to me because I missed it when it first aired,  so Jesse sent me a VHS tape of it, and I watched it over and over all summer. If sending someone the Walken/Weezer SNL VHS isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Fourth Occurrence: December 1, 2001 (Derek Jeter hosting)

Like the first, only with ugly/amazing snowmen on their sweaters.

Fifth Occurrence: December 14, 2002 (Al Gore hosting)

This time, in costume! Jimmy Fallon is Harry Potter, Horatio is a teddy bear, Chris Kattan is a soldier, and Tracey Morgan is in a hilarious Chicken Elmo costume.

Sixth Occurrence: April 10, 2004 (Janet Jackson hosting)

The boys wear pastel to sing about how Christmas is better than Easter, which it totally is.

Seventh Occurrence: December 18, 2004 (Robert De Niro hosting)

This is the one I wish I had the video of, since, with all the cast members off the show except Horatio, he gets the Muppets to fill in for Jimmy, Chris, and Tracey. The Muppets!

It would be cruel to end this post without showing you a video, so here goes:

SNL Christmas Song

And, for kicks, here’s a live video of Julian Casablancas covering it (you can download a cleaner version from his album here):


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