Who Won Thursday?

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The question on everyone’s minds. Let’s get to it.

Community: “Beginner Pottery”
I dig it when Jeff goes crazy. Really, I do. The show does a great job of exposing the hypocrisy of being too good for community college—at first, it seems Jeff is just jealous that someone is putting in less effort and is getting more attention than he is, but it turns out he really cares about beginner pottery (and I love, love, love the dark turn they gave that at the end with the voiceovers). I wish they pulled back the curtain on Britta’s  activism that way—I still feel like I don’t know who she is at all, and I was shocked this week when she mentioned that she’d never gotten an A before. Why hasn’t she? I wish I knew. The subplot with the boat was mostly hilarious, but once again boiled down to a “we’-re-all-good-friends” message.

Parks and Recreation: “Park Safety”
Wow, something took its mean pills last night. Yeah, it’s funny when they’re mean to Jerry, but I can’t take too much of that all strung together. Even when they were trying to be nice to him—and not laugh when he said “twout,” for example—it was done in such a snickering and pitying way that it went back to being mean again.

The Office: “New Leads”
This episode was interesting in that it kind of acknowledged how much things have changed on the show. Dwight isn’t Michael’s lackey anymore, Jim has gone from being aloof and above it all to part of the corporate machine, etc. It was nice that they mostly addressed these changes. I’m not liking the direction that Andy and Erin are going in, though. I loved Erin when she first started—she seemed odd in that she was so eager to please Michael no matter what he asked her to do, but that he was the one putting her up to it. Now it seems like she’s not just a sweet person catering to Michael’s whims—she’s actually coming across and dim and weird. She’s rivaling Creed in her disconnect from reality.

30 Rock: “Don Geiss, America, and Hope”
Back to basics: Liz is unlucky in love and thinking about settling, Jack Donaghy struggles to be a Master of the Universe, Tracey is worried that his reputation will become too vanilla. The good news about the show sticking with its roots, though, is that its roots are what it does best. (Except for that “porn for women” thing. That was lame.) I particularly loved the adversarial dates that Liz goes on with Wesley. (Snipes!) Most women I know find Britishisms charming, so it’s hilarious to me that Liz is so turned off by them. (“Gang way for the foot cycle!”)

So, who won Thursday?

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30 Rock
Not only did the show put its characters into their best situations, I think it was particularly tight with gags this week. So many funny lines:

“I’m supposed to be drinking a soda right now!”

“That’s the craziest thing I ever heard. Episcopal?”

“I’m angrier than a bat in a suitcase. Which reminds me…”

“The Earth is one of the top three planets in the Universe.”

Plus, it has that bit with Geiss being frozen in Carbonite. Honestly, it would’ve won just for that.


  • 1. jesse  |  March 19th, 2010 at 10:45 am

    Just reading “gang way for the foot cycle!” made me laugh again. They really found brilliant new ways to make that character a d-bag without resorting to typical frat-boy d-bag signifiers. I loved the Parks & Rec episode because I am all about Jerry (and Samberg was really funny), but I can’t deny 30 Rock’s win this week for simply putting out one of the line-for-line funniest episodes of their season. I love how Jack’s Town Hall dissolved into a Philly-versus-Boston argument that ended with him switching off the Los Angeles office entirely.

    Regarding The Office (now the only show of the four yet to triumph with Who Won Thursday… if only this feature was around for the wedding episode!): I like that Erin’s backstory and mental state seems a little more twisted than we thought at first… but it does sort of nudge the show in a cartoonier direction, which has been happening a bit, on and off, for the past year or two. Dwight has always been borderline in that respect and with less screentime for Jim and Pam it seems like there’s more Dwight craziness (even though it’s often funny).

  • 2. Marisa  |  March 19th, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Oh yeah, that city fight was the best. “L.A. is great. Michael Bay!”

    As for Erin, they just need to ground her a little. Once they get part of her rooted in reality, her weirdness can go back to being charming. Right now, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to pity her! But her kiss with Andy in the dump was sweet.


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