Who Won Thursday?

Posted by Marisa October 15th, 2010 at 09:16am In 30 Rock Community The Office Who Won Thursday?

It was hard for me to determine who won Thursday this week, because I didn’t particularly love any of it. It’s like we’ve reached that part in the semester when the novelty of our new classes has worn off, and now the homework is starting to be a slog. Let’s take a look:

Community: Basic Rocket Science
I feel like this is what they were referring to when the creators said they wanted to do more episodes like the paintball one, but this was no paintball episode. The whole school-pride aspect of the plot felt forced, like they just wanted to give Jeff some kind of reason for a pithy speech, and I didn’t for a second believe it or believe that Annie would transfer. It was all very superficial.

30 Rock: Live Show (East Coast version)
Yes, yes. It was live. There were lots of funny only-in-a-live-episode gags (Julia Louis-Dreyfus!) and meta-live jokes. But how was it as an episode of 30 Rock? Not so great. For one thing, I found audience laughter off-putting. It really slowed down the pacing of the show. Then, did they really do an everybody-forgot-my-birthday plot? 30 Rock, you’re better than that.

The Office: Sex Ed
I can see how episodes like this are necessary to give a proper send-off to Michael Scott. It was neat to see him go back through all of his love interests, and it was a nice, meaty storyline for him. It just wasn’t very funny, and a lot of the women kept hitting the same exasperated-with-Michael beat. (Understandably, but it’s kind of a slog.) Jan’s was the only scene that was pitched differently, and that made me squirm.

It will never be Outsourced.

So, who won Thursday?

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30 Rock
Who am I to argue against ratings stunts? Even though pauses for audience laughter cut out precious time that could’ve been spent on jokes, there were still plenty of good ones in there, especially the TGS commercials. (Dr. Spaceman!) Also, did anyone think that Jenna’s outfit was a callback to Astronaut Jones?

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  • 1. jesse  |  October 15th, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    I actually really enjoyed all three. Community did pop-culture parody stuff without calling it out in a self-satisfied way (even though it wasn’t as hilarious as the paintball or chicken fingers episodes). 30 Rock definitely had to move at a different pace with a live audience, but I kind of loved that, and it was just fun to see everyone going through the paces live, crossing the fast-paced sitcom stuff with silly SNL-style antics. And The Office had some excellent group scenes, even though both stories retread some familiar ground. (Also, the cutting back and forth between the two stories seemed strangely quick. I don’t know what was up with that.)

    So I’d probably go with 30 Rock, too, but had trouble because they were all pretty enjoyable.


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