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Crazy-ass casting news for CSI, Brothers and Sisters and other popular shows I don’t watch

It really appears as though our long national nightmare might be over. That is, the lamentable 2007-2008 television season is behind us and the 2008-2009 season is upon us.

One sign of this is the announcement of some bizarre-o casting news for a few shows — mostly ones I am not really interested in. However, the news is just odd enough to perk up my ears.

First up, Laurence Fishburn (seen here in more humbling days) is joining the cast of CSI. I suppose he hasn’t been doing anything incredibly earth-shaking over the past few years, but it still seems like he’s slumming it a little. Admittedly, CSI is an inexplicably enormous hit (the American populace loves figuring out how psychopaths murder and disfigure unwitting victims), but if Larry wanted to take some time off I figured he’d be the type to get a role on or off Broadway. That way, he keeps his actor street cred.

That said, he’s probably making a shit ton of money. So, Godspeed Laurence. Godspeed.

In other news, there’s Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall. He’ll be guest starring on an episode of Brothers and Sisters (or, as I like to call it, Gays and Old Ladies) as the love interest of an unnamed character. He’s dressed up like a woman enough on Kids in the Hall and played gay enough (KITH and Will & Grace) that it’s anyone’s guess who is going to be love interest-ing him.

Plus, you didn’t hear it from me, but he’s looking kind of old these days.  No more boyishness.  So, who knows?

Finally, Colin Hanks is going to be a priest on Mad Men.  And Sigourney Weaver is going to be Eli Stone’s therapist.

Get excited, everyone!

2 comments August 19th, 2008

Tea. Biscuits. Shall we take the lift?

So, I have this friend who goes by the alias of Pandacita on the TiFaux comment board. Lately we’ve been speaking to each other in British accents and saying only one word: “Bamber.”

As in Jamie Bamber — renowned actor, star of Battlestar Galactica and international hottie.

(by the way, I finished the third season of Battlestar last night… say WHAT with the five Cylons?!?!)

Jamie Bamber, saying with his eyes: “Fancy a shag?”

“Jamie Bamber” is a really great name to say in a British accent (pronounced [horribly] ‘bamb-uh’). Pandacita and I have entire conversations where we just alternate saying “bamb-uh” and “hallo” and “morning guv’nah.” Perhaps tossing in a “Nice day, innit?”

It is truly disgraceful.

I don’t want to offend our English reader(s) (hello John W.) but it’s a fun discourse to engage in. Here’s a clip of a very gracious Jamie speaking to a very intimidated reporter about his accent.

On that note, I thought I would make a fun little survey — who is your favorite English actor who speaks in an American accent. Here are your choices.

  • Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica): I was really pretty shocked when I found out that Jamie Bamber was British. I was always under the impression that the cast of Battlestar was under a heavy Canadian influence — with thick maple syrup running through their veins. Fortunately, they recruited Englishman Jamie Bamber and his hot, towel-dropping self to play the complicated, conflicted Lee “Apollo” Adama.
  • Hugh Laurie (House): Once again, here’s a guy I had no idea had a British origin until way late in the game. I guess I never felt compelled to dig into Wooster and Jeeves during my formative years (too busy, I suppose, drinking hard cider and watching the Real World/Road Rules Challenge). In any case, Laurie’s American accent is a bit more staccato — perhaps it has to do with the severity of his character’s attitude, always pointing out everyone else’s problems.
  • Johnny Lee Miller (Eli Stone): This show is growing to be a burden, I’m just going to say it. It’s not bad, but I don’t care what happens. The one thing that keeps me coming back is Johnny Lee Miller, his hotness and the knowledge that he’s masking his accent.
  • Polly Whatserface (Cane): I’m not even going to bother looking up the last name of the chick from Cane for several reasons (I think it’s Walker but, as I said, I’m not going to look it up). First of all, no one watched that show but me and three other people. Two, she was a minor character. Three, no one would ever accuse her of having an awesome American accent because I, myself, always find myself wondering why an heiress from Florida always spoke like she was a college junior who had experienced a really influential semester abroad in London and hadn’t quite shaken it.
Who is your favorite British actor who speaks with an American accent?
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15 comments March 18th, 2008

Eli Stone: A pretty good show that’s great when there’s nothing else on

I even thought he was cute as Sick Boy.

Been watching Eli Stone?

I have — and while I’m not necessarily wildly enthusiastic, it’s a solidly watchable show.

I keep telling myself that the primary reason I watch is not the fact that Jonny Lee Miller is super adorable. But it kind of is, and I am honest enough to come to terms with that. I hope you can appreciate that kind of candor, folks. You and I have a relationship built on trust, TiFaux readership. (side note: when Jonny and I get married, I wouldn’t even have to change my last name!)

The gist of Eli Stone is that the titular character is a slick corporate lawyer who has to re-examine his life after suffering a brain aneurysm. It’s not just your garden variety aneurysm, though — it’s one of those kickass aneurysms where you hallucinate all sorts of crazy visions that have an eerie bearing on your everyday life (he sees a biplane and knows he needs to help represent a pilot, etc.). It kind of reminds me of Nate from Six Feet Under, only on a larger scale and less existential.


Eli’s life is rounded out by his neurologist brother (convenient), his foxy and wrong-for-him fiancee (played by Natasha Henstridge — who I always expect to see kissing dudes and then killing them like she did in the Species movies), his father-in-law/boss (played by the dude from Alias) and his secretary (who falls safely into the archetype of sassy, matronly African American supporting characters). The guy from Ed (Tom Cavanagh) also made an appearance on the pilot as Eli’s dead dad, who also suffered from the inoperable brain aneurysm (the episode ends with Eli releasing his Ed-dad’s ashes into the wind with some distractingly awful CGI animation).

The biggest hook for the show thus far is Eli’s big, crazy hallucinations. The pilot featured a puffy modern day George Michael singing “Faith” in Eli’s bedroom. The second episode had a big musical number with a boy’s choir in the company lobby. It’s obviously a lot of fun for the producers to create as flamboyant scenes as possible — and it is fun to watch. It’s going to be interesting to see how long they can keep up the gimmick, though.

8 comments February 13th, 2008


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