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The More You Know: Worst summer vacation ever edition

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2 comments August 14th, 2007

John is Not From Cincinnati

johnfromcincinnati.jpgThis weekend we watched the first 2 episodes of John From Cincinnati. I wasn’t too hopeful about it since people who had been watching didn’t seem that into it. But I think it has a lot of promise. So far, we’ve met a family of weirdo misfits who are loosely connected to a bunch of weirdos and this one particularly weird guy named John is making some particularly weird things happen to all these weirdos. John claims to be from Cincinnati, but since he just goes along with whatever people say to him, the one thing that we know about John is that he is definitely not from Cincinnati. He’s some sort of supernatural being. A little E.T., a little Jesus. He mimics everything. Whatever other people want to be in his pocket is there. Whether it’s a cell phone or $2300. As fun as this is (and don’t let the haters tell you it’s not a little fun) I worry that the show will turn out to have no plan and will noodle along in weirdness until getting canceled.

Actually, I definitely get a sense like in the early days of Twin Peaks that something is up. But I’m afraid that if we ever find out what it is, there won’t be anything left to do, and that what’s up is not particularly exciting. Still, I have hope. And for now I’m happy to get to know these oddballs.

July 2nd, 2007


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