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Save us from ourselves, Parents Television Council

dexter_header2.jpgGod bless the Parents Television Council. If not for their watchful eye, people may be exposed to shows that aren’t Two and a Half Men.

Now, everyone’s favorite scolds and schoolmarms are opposing CBS’ plans to bring Dexter to CBS. Via TV Week:

“CBS’ plan is purely based on corporate greed, not what’s good for families or in the public interest,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “These Showtime programs contain some of the most explicit content on television, period. Yet CBS has no qualms about putting shows that make heroes of serial killers and revel in sick, graphic violence or those that condone drug use and glorify drug dealers in front of millions of children and families on broadcast television. Despite that CBS and Viacom are now ‘separate,’ CBS is funneling in super-raunchy Viacom-owned premium cable content onto the CBS broadcast network … It is also another powerful example of why the rules concerning media consolidation must not be loosened.”

Furthermore, they vowed to contact every sponsor of the CBS airings of Dexter. You know, to let them know that they are sponsoring Dexter. In case they thought it was a show about a veterinarian who falls in love with another veterinarian and they live in a lavender house full of rabbits.

I suppose this is nothing new — the whole killjoy aspect of things. It all comes down the fact that there’s family shows and then mom and dad shows. Or, as I see it, kid shows or shows that I would actually watch. I’m not happy about the idea of sanitizing the airwaves of anything remotely dark in the name of parents who can’t control their kids’ viewing habits. Because, you know, one episode of Weeds and the kids are going to run around like crazy taking the pots and the cocaines.

It’s just pretty maddening that there are people who can’t see artistic value in shows like Weeds and Dexter — who can’t see beyond the premise to the stories beneath. Obviously, these people have no idea how fucking awesome these shows are.

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