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Tonight on the TiFaux: Science, South Park, and Sayid

Tonight’s Lost is a Sayid-centric one. It feels like forever since we’ve had a Sayid episode. Since they usually involve torture, and I’m already up to my ears in torture from 24 (read this if you want to feel really guilty about your 24 addiction — damn you, reality!), this isn’t particularly exciting.

South Park starts a new season tonight. All I know is what they put in the promos — Cartman running down the hall screaming “RACE WARS!” Which, okay: kind of funny.

mythbusters.jpgAnd hey, it’s a new Mythbusters! Everybody’s favorite science-and-blowing-stuff-up show takes on the high-speed camera. I wonder how that will lead to blowing something up?

Remember in Season Two when Logan dated that Veronica look-alike so he could blackmail her father into not testifying against him, and then he really fell for her, and then her father shipped her away and she was never seen or mentioned again? She’s played by Jessy Schram, who plays a young Alison DuBois on Medium tonight, which she’s done before. This is not actually interesting, but we die-hard Veronica Marsians must take what scraps we can get. [Oh my god. She’s also in American Pie 5. Look away before it burns your eyes!]

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming: If Mythbusters isn’t enough science-osity for you, the National Geographic Channel (which I’m not sure actually exists, but go with it) has a show called Naked Science. A new episode tonight takes on comets.

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