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Can’t Say I’ll Miss It

So CBS has canceled The Ex List.

I watched the pilot. I never mentioned it because, well, it wasn’t worth mentioning. The characters were okay, but every time I thought the show was getting somewhere, it would do something that would totally annoy me. Like the fact that the main character was named Bella Bloom, and she owned a flower shop. We no longer live in an era where people’s surnames are derived from their occupation, otherwise we’d all be named “Blogger,” and we wouldn’t have any way of distinguishing our families, and we’d all be inbred. Also, in the pilot, Bella’s BFF totally showed Bella her pubic hair. On purpose. Do guys think that girls actually do that?

Really, though, I think the problem was the premise. A psychic tells Bella that she has to find her true love in a year otherwise she’ll never get married–and that her true love was someone she’d already dated. I know that most girls would do what Bella did–namely, start going in search of all of her exes in hopes of finding her true love BECAUSE SHE MUST GET MARRIED OR DIE LONELY AND SAD–but I personally would’ve been more impressed if she’d said, “Go back to one of those losers? I’m happier by myself, thank you very much.” And then, in my fantasy scenario, she would’ve gone on to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Also, doesn’t it seem a little cruel that this show aired on Friday nights? I’m sure it left no comfort to the dateless.

Thus marks the first and only time TiFaux will use a tag for The Ex List.

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