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Welcome to the Captain: You’d be surprised

In the dwindling days of strike doldrums, there are some bright spots besides Project Runway and Lost. One of them is a little show called Welcome to the Captain.


I think Welcome to the Captain might turn into one of those shows, like How I Met Your Mother, that I never really make an effort to watch, but usually enjoy when I accidentally tune in. I never really even realized it was on until alerted by my brother that Jeffrey Tambor was in it — playing a trademark off-kilter comedic supporting role.

The show has a strong ensemble cast playing wacky residents in a large apartment complex. The main characters are Josh (the Ross/Jim/Sam) and Hope (the Rachel/Pam/Diane). Josh is a comedic protagonist archetype — the scruffy-haired creative (in this case a screenwriter) with lady troubles. Hope is the pure, perky and smart girl in a dead-end relationship that creates the driving tension for the series.

The supporting cast makes the show come alive, like all good ensemble comedies. First up, there’s Tambor who is predictably great as the space cadet neighbor who is convinced he was on Three’s Company. There’s Josh’s roommate who is played by Chris Klein. Klein actually does the job pretty well — cast perfectly to type as a vapid prettyboy. His character is a Los Angeles-ified, somewhat less lunkheaded version of the character he played in Election. Also, Raquel Welch plays the vampy post-cougar.

One of the highlights of the show is the wacky ethnic sidekick — in this case Jesus the doorman (Jesus, pronounced like the lord and savior — not “hey Seuss”). He’s kind of a twenty-first century Balki Bartakomous. Played by stand-up comedian Al Madrigal, his schtick can be a little cheesy, but Madrigal’s timing and reactions are often laugh-out-loud funny.

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