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Who Would Win in a Fight: Logan Echolls vs. Jack Shephard

It’s Thursday. You know what that means? You probably don’t, because I just kind of decided this. Thursday is official Who Would Win in a Fight day for the summer. Think of it as a reward for making it almost all the way through the week.

Seems like last week’s battle between Studio 60 pill-head Matt Albie and bed-hopping brain surgeon Derek Shepherd ended in a decisive victory for our conflicted comedy writer. I support the decision due to Albie’s unhinged nature and comparative bulk.

This week finds a troubled rich kid going head-to-head with yet another doctor named Shephard. It’s Veronica Mars’ on-again-off-again beau Logan Echolls versus Lost’s castaway leader Jack Shephard.


Logan Echolls


  • Kind of a sociopath
  • Way buff
  • Not easily intimidated


  • Used to pushing around people who are smaller than him (e.g. Piz, that reporter spy from early in season three, organizing bum fights)
  • Veronica doesn’t like it when he fights
  • Growing rap sheet

Secret Weapon: Baby-face may inspire underestimation

Jack Shephard


  • Abrasive stubble could be used as a weapon
  • Can take a punch
  • Strong-willed, hard to push around


  • He’s no kid
  • When on the island, he’s weary from being exposed to the elements
  • When off the island he’s drunk

Secret Weapon: Good at harnessing his rage

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6 comments June 21st, 2007

Who would win in a fight?: McDreamy vs. Matt Albie

We’ve made no secret that we’re strapped for things to talk about on TiFaux now that summer’s here. In fact, that’s kind of all that we talk about now. So, rather than continue to mourn Veronica Mars, swoon over Jim Halpert or any of our other favorite pasttimes, how about a new feature? ‘Kay?

On that note, let’s get back to basics — like third grade basics. Who Would Win in a Fight is a time-honored (boy?) activity that doesn’t really require a whole lot of explanation, but it is fodder for endless conversation — and that’s basically what we’re going for.

So, first round! Our contenders are: Dr. McDreamy versus Matt from Studio 60


Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd


  • Maturity means he’ll be able to plan an attack rather just than go at it with fists flying.
  • Brain surgeon — good hand-eye coordination.
  • Excellent hair can withstand being tousled in a fracas (not necessarily a practical strength, but it is still true).


  • Kind of old.
  • Not that buff.
  • Prettyboy.

Secret weapon: Surprisingly spry.

Studio 60’s Matt Albie


  • Emotional instability could breed a more fierce competitor.
  • Feels less pain due to pill habit.
  • Scrappy.


  • Might become too depressed to finish.
  • Not that buff either.
  • Lumbering movements.

Secret weapon: Can distract with rapier wit.

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Defend your decisions in the comments.

2 comments June 14th, 2007

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