About TiFaux

TiFaux is a blog about television. Essays, rants, raves, news, humor, “humor,” etc. Contact us at tifaux @ gmail.com.

The following people have been known to appear in these e-pages:

Cristin killed her first DVR box within six days, most likely with an overload of Made and True Life repeats. She has considered terrorism as a career in the hopes that it would someday bring her closer to Jack Bauer. Her new goal in life is to find someone who once competed on the show Legends of the Hidden Temple and question him/her about the quality of life experiences whilst imprisoned by the Temple Guards.

Dan watches TV and writes about it. Don’t ask about his robotic arm. He tries to write blisteringly funny and remarkably insightful commentaries on pop culture, but he usually just gets distracted by indie rock and cute boys.

Kyle likes good TV. Square One was an early favorite, but it’s been replaced by Mythbusters. He thinks the US Office is just as good as the British Office. He is also the Webmaster.

Maggie has to have her stories. She mostly watches scripted shows, but damn it if 1 vs. 100 wasn’t strangely compelling.