Sometimes we write things that are so remarkable, so insightful, and so hilarious that we want to enshrine them forever, preferably in the form of a marble statue surrounded by a moat of champagne. Or collect them here. Either way.

Maggie's Picks

Hail to the Persnickety Hero-Genius
The best characters have the most problems.

The Truth-Telling Anti-Hero Asshole with a Heart of Gold
Not as catchy as above, but way more prevalent.

The Great Experiment: Season Five
Sometimes people (me) watch too much of a certain show (Buffy) which then becomes somewhat of an addiction (like crack).

I'm Sick of Your Shit: Rory Gilmore
Because I really am.

"Suddenly people think they can do OTHER STUFF"
High School Musical, the discovery period.

Dan's Picks

Dan States An Opinion and Then Apologizes For It
I stop trying to be funny and then it's awkward.

One Day, Tyler, You Will Be Mine
I have about twelve of these obsessions every day.  No joke.

I'm Sick of Your Shit: John Locke
Lost's most self-righteous character gets told where to stick it.

Freaks and Geeks: Reality Edition
Some loveable longshots are profiled.

I'm Sick of Your Shit: Meredith Grey
Seriously!  Stop squinting!