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Will Arnett, Mitch Hurwitz to re-team for FOX comedy

It’s like we’re constantly following Mitch Hurwitz and Will Arnett, eager and full of hope that their next respective projects will bring us all the joy that they did with Arrested Development. So far, this has brought us (or at least me) nothing but heartache — Sit Down, Shut Up, the movie “Let’s Go to Prison.”

But Arnett and Hurwitz are teaming up again for a single-camera FOX comedy co-starring Arnett as a “rich Beverly Hills jackass” who falls in love with a hippie who hates his lifestyle.

I plan on thinking of this project like I do the theme of “hope” in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign — skepticism mixed with an earnest optimism.

In the meantime, here’s a stardust memory from Arrested Development.

August 12th, 2009

Sit Down, Shut Up: A reunion of sorts

The animated series Sit Down, Shut Up doesn’t premiere until April 19, but here’s a nice little teaser featuring two of its stars: Will Arnett and Jason Bateman.

Cute guys.  Very cute.

March 12th, 2009

Ellen’s getting married

Awww… Ellen announced that she’s getting hitched on her show.

If you don’t know:

  • Ellen’s partner/girlfriend/fiance (!) is Portia De Rossi of Arrested Development.
  • gay people can get married in California now.
  • California has no residency requirements for marriage (like Massachusetts does).

Take that, establishment![kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

May 16th, 2008

Arrested Development: The Movie is in the works!

Holy crap!

Just when we expunged the idea of any more Arrested Development from our heads, they go and start getting us excited again. It looks like the possibility of an AD movie is very much alive.

The dream is still alive… just like that Wilson Phillips song.

Jason Bateman recently told Kristin from E! that support is snowballing for the movie. He says:

“I can confirm that a round of sniffing has started,” Bateman says. “Any talk is targeting a poststrike situation, of course. I think, as always, that it’s a question of whether the people with the money are willing to give our leader, Mitch Hurwitz, what he deserves for his participation. And I can speak for the cast when I say our fingers are crossed.”

Kristin reports that Mitch Hurwitz doesn’t have a script yet, but he has a solid idea of what he wants to do.

Obviously, this is incredible news. Click through to hear the audio of Jeffrey Tambor confirming his interest in participating int he movie.

February 4th, 2008

Last-minute gift idea

Amazon is selling the complete series of Arrested Development for $30.

Your only excuse for not acting now is if you already own them.

And act soon, because it’ll probably sell out.

2 comments December 14th, 2007

Tis the season to misgive

poehler.jpgIf you’ve been in a mall lately or walked down a city street, there’s a chance you’ve seen the new ad campaign for the Gap. It’s called “People Dan loves dressed in shit from the Gap — mostly scarves.”

First and foremost, there’s the one-two punch of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett mugging comically for the camera.

Poehler and Arnett, also known as the couple you and your significant other will never be cool/witty/awesome enough to invite over for dinner and perhaps a few rounds of Boggle, seem to be pretty aware that they’re modeling for The Gap. Their expressions are pretty hysterical, lending some hipness and edge to a brand that became synonymous with mall brattiness (accentuated by a sketch on the show Poehler is on now — SNL).

krasinksi.JPGThen there’s our good friend John Krasinski, brandishing what we all know as the John Krasinksi Impish Smirk ™. He’s looking pretty adorable, but the ad makes his charm seem a bit calculated. I don’t know how to feel about it.

I suppose that it’s okay that John, Amy and Will are shilling for The Gap. I’m generally agreeable to the idea of selling out in the name of keeping food on the table. I just ask myself if I would say no to gobs of money in exchange for a few hours of wearing a rainbow scarf. It doesn’t take me long to decide.

2 comments December 12th, 2007

The More You Know: Apologetic edition

Sorry for no news yesterday.

2 comments December 11th, 2007

The More You Know: Not dark edition

We’re back.

November 14th, 2007

Last ditch Halloween costumes

Halloween’s tomorrow, as you know.

What am I doing to celebrate? Well, not much — thanks for asking. Probably just going to sit around at home, watch Pushing Daisies and wonder what would happen on the off-chance I got a trick-or-treater. If I do get a munchkin, chances are I’ll probably tell them to wait while I dig up the miniature jar of cherry preserves I’ve had for the better part of the ’00s.

If, however, you’re an ambitious mid-week partygoer, and you still haven’t come up with a costume idea, here are some ideas for you to try out.

For couples:

Ned and Chuck (Pushing Daisies):

He wears:

  • Long sleeved tee/sweater
  • Holds a pie.

She wears:

  • A vibrantly colored sun dress.

Both wear:

  • Gloves on one hand. You must hold hands all night with the gloved hand.


For the ladies:

Lucille Bluth:

  • A martini glass
  • Pearls
  • Shawl affixed with a brooch.

Meredith Grey:

  • Scrubs
  • A scowl

For the gentlemen:

Nathan Petrelli:

  • Fake beard
  • Business suit
  • Harness
  • Some sort of crane on wheels so you can attach the harness and hover all night (you’ll need a patient friend to wheel you around and hand you drinks)


  • White, button-down short-sleeved shirt
  • Nametag
  • Uncontrollable nervous energy

Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights):

  • Track jacket
  • Stubble
  • Arrange it so that most people remain oblivious to you at the party, except for two or three people who are obsessed with you.

Anybody else have any ideas? I wanted to go further with this but I’m sleepy.

7 comments October 30th, 2007

Who Would Win in a Fight?: Battle Royale

I haven’t done this feature in a while. Remember when I said it was going to be on Thursdays? Hell, remember when I said I’d be recapping Top Chef?


Anyways, I’ll resurrect this little feature by proposing a three-way (I know what you’re thinking — “Dan, that’s your solution to everything.”). But here we go, are you ready?

Who would win in a fight between Food Network’s Molto Mario, High School Musical’s Zac “Troy” Efron and Arrested Development’s G.O.B. Bluth?


Here’s a round-up of the contenders:

Mario Batali: Don’t let his teddy bear face fool you — Molto Mario would tear you in half if he ever got the chance. Like most chefs, he is skilled with a knife and knows anatomy. He’ll exploit his competitors’ weak parts in order to go for the kill. In addition, he’s got 150 and 100 pounds on Efron and Bluth, respectively. I’m conjuring a very specific image of Mario walking around, butcher knives in both hands, with Efron clinging to one leg and Bluth to the other. Batali’s weaknesses, however, lie in his strengths — his size means less agility and heavy, lumbering steps. He’s more likely to get winded mid-battle.

Zac Efron: Sure, he’s skinny. Sure, he’s young. But Zac Efron is a dancer. He’s got the best six pack of all the competitors (seriously, Google image him). I can imagine him darting between Bluth and Batali, quickly shooting between their legs and leaping on their backs, putting them in sleeper holds. That said, if Batali lands a punch, then it’s all over. Also, Efron’s orangish hue will make it hard to blend in if there is a Predator-like game of cat and mouse in the jungle.

G.O.B. Bluth: He may not be the strongest or the quickest, but as far as pure fearlessness, neither Efron or Batalie can match Bluth. Think of the possessed look in his eye when performing his magic. Think of him riding on his Segway, unsheathing his sword. Would you want to go up against that? Because I wouldn’t. Of course, as far as technical fighting skills go, I can’t imagine Bluth has that much to offer. But he’d probably play dirtier than either Batali or Efron, which is worth something.

Who would win in a fight?
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7 comments September 12th, 2007

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