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Imagine it’s June of 2000…

I like to think I would’ve picked this one, personally.


And definitely not Sweet P or Victorya’s. Maybe the fun of Kit’s or the structured-ness of Jillian’s would have caught my 18-year-old eye, but who knows.

Tim, as usual, offers his measured take on the prom dresses here. Then come back and tell me which you’d choose.

Try not to hyperventilate -- it's PROM! What do you wear?
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1 comment January 10th, 2008

It’s the Upfronts!: 2007-2008 Wrap-Up Polls

The delightful week of pure television speculation is over, and now we’re left with four months to mourn Veronica Mars and psych ourselves up unrealistically for Viva Laughlin.

But I want to know what you think. If each network only gets one awesome show, which are you betting — based on nothing except what you’ve read, and that hot picture of Starbuck — will be a winner?

I'm watching this until they unceremoniously cancel it with no warning to the horror of fans everywhere.
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But those were just the ones that I personally found most intriguing. There were others that might pop off the screen better than they present on the page, especially for people who might not have my particular musical theater/Amy Sherman-Palladino/unrequited love/Katee Sackhoff baises.

Which show may surprise us all?
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And then there were the shows that were just similar enough to create a trend.

As far as Immortals-Solving-Crimes go, I'm placing my bets on...
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And in the Slightly-Older-Women-Balance-Careers-and-Men genre, I think the show least likely to suck is...
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I don’t know about you, but I’m cautiously optimistic. There isn’t a single show about cutting up dead people and poking at their bones!

3 comments May 18th, 2007

Lub-dub, lub-dub, murder, lub-dub

sylar.jpgOn this past episode of Heroes, murderin' hottie Sylar killed Dale — the rough and tumble, super-hearing auto mechanic. 

It was sad and all, but she wouldn't have made a very good addition to the cast.  All ornery and such.

But before she got whacked, she and Sylar had an unintentionally hilarious moment.  She had previously commented on how she could hear his heart racing — then when he came back to do the killin', she noted his heartbeat again.

"What's that sound in your heart?" she asked.

He lowered his massive brow and replied, in a weird Visitors-like post-production way: "Murder."

It was great.  And awful.

It was great and awful.

So that makes me wonder, dear TiFaux readers, now that Sylar has the super-hearing, what can he hear in your heartbeat?


(Bah!  Voting's messed up… check back in a few) should be okay now

What sound is in your heart?
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2 comments February 22nd, 2007

The mystery so far

This season of Veronica Mars is starting to really hit a groove. Characters and mysteries are fun, and seem to be more organic than some from the show's past. If you're not watching… I don't know how this is possible, and have nothing to say to you.

After my really great intuition about last season's villain, I was hoping to have a flash of lightning about this season, too. But so far I've got nothing. It can't be Wallace, Logan, Mac, Keith, or Veronica. Everyone else is up for grabs, and I have no strong feelings about any of them. I need help!

So, who's the rapist?
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So if any of these people end up being the culprit, I will be able to say that I called it. Thank you. 

November 8th, 2006

Project Runway: Turn this mother out.

Jefferey still hates Angela.  And her children.  And her children's children.  (And, as we later learn, her mother.)  He's still smarting from the loss of Alison, who he called one of his greatest friends in the competition.  He says that Angela should have been defending her crap garment.  It's all very odd because Angela really didn't have much of a role in the way last week's episode ended.  But it seems to make Jefferey feel better just to channel all of his aggression in her direction.  It's tiring.

There are eight designers left and I'm a little surprised when I see the designers lined up in two tiny rows of four.  This is the halfway point — can you believe Vincent and Angela are still in it?

Heidi comes up, says the same shit she always says, and then they reveal what Angela was flipping out over in the teaser.  And, yes, the surprise actually warrants that big of a reaction.  Instead of the usual procession of black-clad waifs, out comes a collection of older, decidedly non-waify women: moms and sisters of the designers. 

Heidi picks names out of a bag to determine who gets who and this is the way it breaks down:

Michael — Robert’s sister.
Laura — Jeffrey’s mother.
Vincent — Uli’s mother.
Angela — Laura’s mother.
Kayne — Michael’s mother.
Uli — Kayne’s mother.
Robert — Vincent’s sister.
Jeffrey — Angela’s mother.  Awesome.

Back at the work stations, Tim announces that everyone needs to pack up their stuff and get their permission slip filled out because they're going on a field trip.  Their destination: Tavern on the Green where Michael Kors and his mother are waiting with bottles of champagne and munchies.  Michael and his mom are dressed the same and have the same crazy sunglasses look going on.  In their first two seconds on screen, they confirm everything anyone's ever said about gay men and their mothers.

During the fete, Michael Kors (I can't seem to call him just Michael or Mr. Kors — only Michael Kors) and Laura are sitting next to each other with their mothers in tow.  "Laura," Michael Kors says to Mother Kors, "has five children."

"Working on my sixth," Laura says with uncharacteristic timidity.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" her mother says (with her eyes).  Mama Bennett picks her jaw up off the floor, puts it back in, and explains that that this is news to her.  Laura interviews that she found out she was pregnant soon after she the competition started and, in a genuinely hilarious moment, looks off-camera and reveals that she hasn't even told her husband and this whole situation is ridiculous. 

"I'll just put it on the pile with all the rest," she says, dryly.

She redeems herself for acting like a drunken debutante all of last episode.

They go back to the workshop and do their consultations.  Right away, Jefferey is not getting along with another generation of Keslar women.  He doesn't like her ideas, she doesn't like his.  Everyone knows where this is going.

They go shopping and start work.  When Jefferey returns with his colors, Angela's mom keeps mum about her opinions until Tim Gunn comes over to ask her opinion (while Jefferey is off, presumably, doing gross things to his eyebrows).  When Jefferey comes back and joins them, Tim informs him of the bad news: she hates them.  Jefferey's patience is paper-thin at this point and seems say everything with an "But I Don't Care What You Think" tone.

Things get more and more awkward, Angela tries to help but just ends up stirring the pot.  Jefferey's mom, who had previously interviewed about how proud she was of him turning his life of addiction around, tries to calm things down and manages a tentative truce.

Angela seems to be a chip off the old block when it comes to becoming a victim.  However, whereas Angela will lash out, her mom crumbles.  For Jefferey, this results in a massive PR debacle of Tom Cruise/Mel Gibson proportions.  It's rule one of not being an asshole: when someone's mom is around you act nice even if you're normally not.  (Hi Maggie's mom, reading me swearing up and down.  Nervous laughter.) 

Flash forward to the runway: 

The judges seem to hate all but three of the designs: Vincent's, Uli's and Michael's. 

vincent dress.jpg

Uli's Mom: By Vincent.

And the winner is: Vincent?  For the love of God.  The man with the perma-wince and crappy frocks actually manages to trick everyone into thinking he's made the best dress.  I think it was obvious, and apparently Tim Gunn agrees, that Uli's garment was superior.  The beads are a bit incense-booth-at-Lilith-Fair, but she made a really flattering garment on a much more challenging figure.

uli dress.jpg

Kayne's Mom: By Uli.

So, in the end, it's Jefferey and Robert. Turns out that Angela's mom's concerns were valid, as Jefferey's dress outfit is some sort of slapped-together blob of shmatas that makes her look like a newly divorced substitute art teacher who sneaks into the supply closet to cry amongst the acrylic paints every hour on the hour.  It's true.

Robert, who did Vincent's sister, didn't fare much better.  He basically wrapped her in some black fabric and gave her some sort of red cardigan/shawl/kimono/something to wear over it.  It was more than unflattering, it was boring.

As a result, Robert is given a (somewhat overdue) boot.   Weirdly enough, Jefferey is getting all emotional backstage saying that not all of the designers are good people, but Robert is one of the keepers.  Kayne is obviously devastaed and says something southern about his sunshine being taken away (and breaking my heart).  If I'm not mistaken, even Tim Gunn looked a little ferklemped.

So, before I wrap up, one more thing: do you think Kayne and Robert would make a cute couple?  I don't know.  Robert's a little older (he's 36, Kayne's 27), but nothing too severe.  They just seem to get along so well, it kind of seems natural.  Since I'm so big on surveys this week, let me know what you think.

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1 comment August 24th, 2006

Countdown to the Emmys: Best comedy


Tsk, tsk.  A modest showing of voters said that Frances Conroy should win for Six Feet Under for Best Actress in a Drama.  I agree, so I'm not going to question it.

In any case, now for the biggies.  Best comedy.

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August 24th, 2006

Countdown to the Emmys: Best actress in a drama

Martin Sheen?  Really?  Sure, I guess.  

I guess I'm the only person in DC that never watched The West Wing.  Yesterday's poll is still tight though (another vote and we'll be in double digits!  Exciting!), so let the world know your opinion.

Now — time for best actress in a drama.

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August 23rd, 2006

Countdown to the Emmys: Best actor in a drama


The race is surprisingly tight in the TiFaux poll on Best Actress in a Comedy with Jane Kaczmarek and Lisa Kudrow running neck and neck.  I have to admit, I'm surprised that anyone is supporting Malcolm in the Middle — but I just say that because I've never watched the show, not because I actually dislike it.

Anyway, next up: best actor in a drama.  It's the last chance for two of these guys to win Emmys for their long-running shows.

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August 22nd, 2006

Countdown to the Emmys: Best actress in a comedy


So, no surprises with the Best Actor in a Comedy Voting with Steve Carell winning handily among TiFaux readers with Larry David coming in at a distant second. 

Ain't nothing going on in the Best Actress category where the nominees either evoke the reaction "She was in a show this year?" or "Her?  Again?"

Vote on the Jessica Walter-less nominees here

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3 comments August 21st, 2006

Countdown to the Emmys: Best actor in a comedy

So, again, I'm not sure if this category will yield very diverse results.  And this whole countdown shennanigan might be a mistake.

Oh well.  C'est la vie.

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August 18th, 2006

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