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The More You Know: Canada, drugs, and horrible videos edition

1 comment February 14th, 2008

The More You Know: Becoming a Cliché Edition

You live in DC and blog? GTFO!

  • Salon has a hot mess of Project Runway spoilers. For fans of photography more spoilers here (not enough? Check out another video here)
  • Is the writer’s strike finally over?
  • Sci-Fi network to talk about how awesome Battlestar Galactica is with Joel McHale and Seth Green
  • NY Mag doesn’t understand why Letterman is losing to Leno
  • FYI – A streaming video is worth $1200
  • Two Words – OPRAH STORE
  • Barack Obama won a Grammy. I’m still waiting for Peaches to win a Grammy for her hit remix “Barack the Shocker”.
  • Find out when your favorite show will return
  • Summer lovin! Summer Glau talks Terminator
  • Survivor Micronesia is a winning loser
  • What’s weirder: A Sunny Day in Glasgow getting served brunch by the kid from The Facts of Life – OR – Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson singing a song on national television with the lyrics “Hey, remember when amyl nitrate was some guy’s name?” – OR – Larry King and Snoop Dog getting Chicken N Waffles at Roscoe’s
  • 3 comments February 11th, 2008

    Weekend post!

    I’m sure that this won’t be the first place you hear about this, but there’s been a resolution to the writer’s strike!

    Praise the good lord.

    If you feel like sifting through the jargon, you can do so here. Alternately, you can read a letter to the WGA membership here.

    I really feel like they can give us at least two or three episodes of Pushing Daisies before next fall though. I mean come on.

    1 comment February 9th, 2008

    TV writers and TV bloggers: Holding hands, riding on unicorns

    As far as we can tell, we’re still knee-deep in the strike. There have been some promising signs (like the directors union deal), but we can only assume that the light at the end of the tunnel is still miles away.

    In an effort to further rally behind the writers, TV bloggers are getting in on the act. Liz from Glowy Box, who previously organized the blogger day of silence, has teamed up with the crew from Ramblings of a TV Whore to create the Adopt a Writer project.

    It’s a pretty simple premise — each participating blog gets assigned a writer to interview. They discuss the writer’s life, their work and, most importantly, the impact the strike has had on their life. All of the interviews are posted on the central Adopt a Writer Web site, as well as the originating site.

    So far, the project has adopted Jasmine Love (who has written for The District and The Division) and Kate Purdy (who writes for Cold Case). Go on over and take a look.

    PS — TiFaux has its assignment already. We’ll be up there shortly.

    January 30th, 2008


    bostonrally.jpgAs someone who works in the movie business, I’ve been following the WGA strike very closely, although so far it has affected me a lot more as a fan of television than as an employee of the Hollywood Dream Machine TM. I’m not sure I’ve ever even worked on a movie that had a WGA writer. Yeah, it’s a glamorous life. I am in the Editors Guild, which is part of IATSE, which is officially mad at the WGA for putting us all out of work. But I’m definitely in favor of the writers. They should take whatever they can get. I wouldn’t mind getting a piece of those new media revenues too, but editors don’t get any residuals for old media either.

    The news so far has been pretty boring. Our favorite TV shows are dropping like flies, while movies will continue for a long time without any theaters going empty or filling their screens with artsy foreign and independent films. But I think the recent news that the WGA refused to allow the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards to show any movie clips is fascinating. I can imagine an awards show without writers. It might even be fun. But take away clips from the movies and previous awards shows, and we’re getting pretty close to the pure, masturbatory essence of the Oscars.

    WGA member Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars this year and it seems pretty unlikely that he’ll do anything more creative than introduce people. Even if he starts with some prepared remarks about supporting the strike, that would be writing. In fact, his main job as a WGA member should be to make the show as boring as possible. A lot of people will be watching the show, and the Worst Oscars Ever would be a good reminder of the importance of writers.

    In other strike news, the WGA wants to negotiate separate contracts with everyone now. They’re sick of dealing with the AMPTP (who was already refusing to negotiate with them anyway) and now want to divide and conquer. One of the first producers to make a deal will be David Letterman. His production company Worldwide Pants owns his and Craig Ferguson’s shows, and as a long-time WGA member he will be happy to make a good deal with the WGA. If he can bring his shows back along with is writers, it will give him an advantage over Jay and Conan, who are both just hired guns at NBC and will have to convince the network to make a deal with the WGA in order to get their writers back. It will put some nice pressure on NBC. Jay and Conan are coming back January 2nd, with or without their writers. I’d love to see Jay’s ratings finally plummet, but the truth is he’ll probably be just fine. People who watch Leno are obviously not watching it because it’s so well written.

    Throughout the strike, the members of the WGA have been busy making their case on the Internets. The Late Show Writers on Strike blog—written by Letterman’s writing staff—is my favorite. There’s been a mostly lame series called “Speechless” where famous actors don’t say any of the witty or moving things they usually say, you know, indicating that they don’t make it up on their own. The only one that I’ve really liked is with Woody Allen, who actually does make it up on his own.
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    The Late Show Writers did their own version which is also funny.
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    1 comment December 18th, 2007


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