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We Have a Winner

Please congratulate the winner of the Nip/Tuck Season Four DVD


Emily mentioned that she discovered us during the TiFaux Madness Tournament and stuck around. Thanks, Emily, for not being one of the crazies that the TiFaux Madness seemed to attract. (Sometimes I have nightmares about TiFaux Madness. The horror… the horror…)

Thanks to all who entered. And don’t forget, you can still enter the Veronica Mars DVD giveaway. We’re getting some good fourth season pitches, but the free DVDs can still be yours if you drop us a line with your two-sentence idea at tifaux-at-gmail-dot-com.

1 comment October 10th, 2007

And the winners are…


Tom Welling (“Clark”/Smallville) and Kristen Bell (“Veronica”/Veronica Mars)!

There will be more on our illustrious winners later. For now, kudos, and thanks for voting. It’s a proud day for the CW — last in the ratings, but first in our hearts.

71 comments April 18th, 2007

TiFaux Madness Draws to a Close

Tonight at around 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time we will be declaring the winners of the TiFaux Madness tournament, thus concluding a month of what most of us consider to be true, unbridled madness. There have been shocking twists and turns, questionable sportsmanship, a complete lack of commenting etiquette, and even a few fun victories for the underdogs. We laughed, we cried. Etc.

We have two very close races right now — at the time of this posting, Wentworth Miller is barely edging out Tom Welling, and Alyson Hannigan has a tiny lead over Kristen Bell. So get your votes in before 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

And then, for fun, watch this.

1 comment April 18th, 2007


I’ve disabled comments on the tournament posts. I warned you — all of you. This time (in fact, these many times) you’ve gone too far.

4 comments April 15th, 2007

Men’s Championship Round

Update: You can stop voting. It’s all over. 

I don’t fully understand how it came to this, but here it is — your final pairing of the hottest men of television: tifauxmenround6.pdf


Vote for the final pair by Wednesday at midnight. Here they are, the handsome devils.


Wentworth vs. Tom
View Results

Thanks to everyone who voted. It’s been a crazy, dramatic, obsessive, frustrating, fun time. We owe it all to you. Thanks again, and keep reading!

81 comments April 14th, 2007

Ladies’ Championship Round

Update: You can stop voting. It’s all over.

This is it. The final choice. It’s the perpetual buddy from Buffy versus the ultimate teen detective. Here’s the latest bracket: tifauxladiesround6.pdf


You, the voters, have decided these contests. And now there’s one more choice to be made. Vote by Wednesday at midnight.


Alyson vs. Kristen
View Results

Now. Before you all start ripping each other to pieces in the comments, just take a minute and think, and then decide not to post. We don’t censor comments. But you’re really making us want to censor comments, what with all the horrible things said last round. So just stop, okay? Don’t use this as a provocation to say more horrible things. Just leave it be. Walk away. You’re making us all very sad about the state of humanity.

28 comments April 14th, 2007

I Screwed Up

As a commenter pointed out, I screwed up the bracket. My apologies to everyone who’s already voted. This is what happens after I try to make polls after a bottle of wine. I’m afraid I have to scrap the polls I posted last night and put up new ones. Check the tournament page in a few minutes for the updated polls.

8 comments April 11th, 2007

Men’s Final Four

Here’s the final four for the men. Guys, let’s just be nice, all right? I know everyone’s all dreamy and stuff, but is it worth it? The name calling? The bitterness? Can’t we all just get along?

We’ll post the updated tournament chart soon. Vote by Friday at midnight, and the final pair will be up by Monday.

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159 comments April 10th, 2007

Ladies’ Final Four

These are two seriously tough match-ups. We’ll post the updated chart soon; in the meantime, here are your next competitions. Voting ends on Friday at midnight; the (dum-dum-dum) final round will be posted by Monday.

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69 comments April 10th, 2007

The Women’s Elite Eight

This round is closed. Go to the tournament page for the latest.

Why don’t the women get as many votes as the men? Anyone? That aside, here are your results for this round.


Click this to read it easier: tifauxladiesround4.pdf

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62 comments April 7th, 2007

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