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The More You Know: Airplane edition

I’m hopping on a plane at 2:30.  Where could I be going?

2 comments May 8th, 2007

The More You Know: Hurried edition

Not a lot of time for sassy asides today.

April 11th, 2007

The More You Know: Ikea edition

It's between the Lack and the Oppli.  Any thoughts? 

  • Rosie's taking on American Idol, saying the show's gone too far with their mean-spirited opening episodes.  And she calls out Paula as a big drunkie.
  • Lauren Ambrose, Claire from Six Feet Under, had a baby!  How weird is that? 
  • Fallout from Isaiah Washington's behavior continues.  Neil Patrick Harris wags his finger.  GLAAD wants to have a heart-to-heart
  • MSNBC gives Medium way too much credit
  • Like commercials in front of movies and the current president, Rachael Ray is something we're just going to have to learn to live with
  • Judge Tom on Top Chef says he wanted to disqualify all of the contestants except Marcel after their behavior on the last episode.  Shut up, Judge Tom.  He's so grumpy all the time. 

5 comments January 19th, 2007

The More You Know

News nuggets to get you through your mid-morning slump.

  • Bindi Irwin, the crocodile hunter's daughter, is going to have a show of her own entitled Bindi, The Jungle Girl. The late Croc Hunter will appear in a few episodes filmed before his death.
  • Taking a page from the Jude Law Book of Matrimony, seems like the husband of Dancing With the Stars' Sara Evans has been effing the nanny. Or so Sara says.  He denies anything ever happened.  However, this MSNBC article talks about the various gross Craigslist escapades of the former Republican congressional candidate (is anyone surprised?).
  • Project Runway finalist Michael Knight is dating Brandy.  Yes, that Brandy. 
  • You know which show I completely forgot existed?  Medium.  But it's coming back in November , lest you fear that you will be deprived of Patricia Arquette's stilted, dead-eyed acting.  (UPDATE: Holy shit! Who can pay attention to her acting when these things are shoved, front and center, into the camera!)
  • Finally, this isn't actually news, but I just think it's funny that Maggie's post on High School Musical has continued to receive comment after comment months after it was posted. 

2 comments October 16th, 2006



Patricia Arquette, just cut it out.  Will ya?

June 27th, 2006

Mad Libs: Create your own episode of Medium

1. Item of clothing
2. Male celebrity
3. Liquid
4. Adjective
5. Body part
6. Verb
7. TV Show
8. Music group
9. Bodily function
10. Living things
11. Adverb
12. Adjective
13. Activity
14. Animal


Allison DuBois finds herself sweating profusely and running through the halls of an abandoned office building.  The walls are a stark white with each office door painted a shiny black.  She realizes that she's only wearing a (1_________)

A man in a trenchcoat and hat steps out of one of the offices and faces her.  He looks like a more sinister version of (2_________).

"Please help me!" Allison shouts.

The man opens his mouth as if to speak, but instead (3__________) drips out.  Allison screams.

Allison wakes up to see her husband sleeping soundly next to her.  She wears a befuddled/exasperated expression as the credits begin to roll.

The next morning, at breakfast, the girls are all (4_________).  Bridget complains that she doesn't want to go to school because her (5_________) hurts.  On top of that, Ariel says her book report isn't done and if she doesn't turn it in today, her teacher will (6_________) her.

"What are we going to do with these kids?" Allison says to no one in particular.

Joe finishes up washing the dishes and Allison scuttles the kids out, lanyard hanging from her neck.  The kids hop in the station wagon and chatter about last night's episode of (7_________).

Stopped at the intersection, Allison impatiently switches the radio to a (8_________) song and sings along loudly.  Out of the corner of her eye, she notices the crossing guard.  She jumps in her seat and (9_________).

It's the same guy from her dream!  Without even noticing that there are (10_________) crossing the street, she pulls forward to get a better look.  She puts the car in park and gets out approaching the man (11_________).

"Can I help you, ma'am?" he asks with a (12_________) smile.

"I know you," she says breathlessly.  "I saw you last night."

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.  All I did last night was (13_________) with my wife and then go to bed."

Allison gives him a skeptical look.  Car horns honk behind her, and Bridget yells for Allison to get back in the car.  She gets back in, hesitantly, and drives on.

She looks in the rear view mirror, only to see the crossing guard looking right back and laughing like a (14_________).  A very menacing one at that.

1 comment June 15th, 2006


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